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Panini Griddle 45 Cm 18" Heavy Duty Commercial Panini Contact grill Ribbed by

233.22 (16Groove-Panını-Gas) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (16Groove-Panını-Gas) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (16Groove-Panını-Gas) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (16Groove-Panını-Gas) by TurcoBazaar
Panini Griddle 45 Cm 18" Heavy Duty Commercial Panini Contact grill Ribbed by
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Grill your most popular sandwiches to perfection with this multi contact panini sandwich grill! This grill features grooved cast iron plates to evenly cook sandwiches and leave tantalizing grill marks on the bread. The gas safety valve controls let you adjust temperatures so you can cook at the perfect temperature, while the stainless steel exterior frame ensures long-lasting durability. Great for grilling paninis, sandwiches, bread, and even hamburgers and quesadillas, this versatile grill will add variety to your establishment!

  • Power: GAS
  • Commercial grade contact grill.
  • It can toast 6 standard pieces of toast bread at once.
  • A top performance item for frequent use.
  • Thermally insulated plastic handles.
  • It warms up quickly and saves energy.
  • Grooved top and bottom
The highly innovative Contact Grill Panini is highly energy efficient thanks to its utilisation of a quality cast iron surface. 
Great for foods such as fried eggs and omelettes, the ribbed top and flat bottom plates have perfect contact with the food and make the entire process quicker and more even. 
Also ideal for front of house use as the technology reduces smoke and smell with no compromise to cooking quality.
Product features
Dimensions 450*440*270 mm
Material Stainless Steelworks on LPG PROPANE & NATURAL GAS 
Burner's are produced for the best efficiency and the burners give always BLUE FLAME!
Warranty 2 Years Parts & Labour
Weight 9
First Class Cast Iron surface

Self-levelling top plate

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