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3 Burner ELECTRIC Robax Surface Shawarma Grill Machine SPINNING GRILLER by

TurcoBazaar is a UK Based Company That sends its products worldwide with more than 10 years' experience. After Brexit, We have quickly integrated our business into the new system.

Orders From Europe Will Be Delivered Without Paying Customs And Duties. All Orders Will Be Delivered To Your Door.

Canada: Orders Will Be Delivered To Door Without Paying Customs And Duty


3 Burner Shawarma Machine With Overhead Motor.

Works On 220v

Electric Efficient And Durable Ceramic Heaters

Equipped With Robax Thermal Glass

30 Kg Max. Meat Capacity

540*640*940 Mm

4200 W

This Machine Works On Electric

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2 Burner Open Heater Electric Shawarma Machine

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Burner Open Heater Electric Shawarma Machine

Burner Glass Surface Electric Shawarma Machine

Burner Glass Surface Electric Shawarma Machine

Burner Glass Surface Electric Shawarma Machine

Burner Glass Surface Electric Shawarma Machine

4 Burner Glass Surface Electric Shawarma Machine Bottom Motor


By Purchasing From TurcoBazaar, You Buy Not Only A Quality Product but You Buy Also A Strong Warranty And Aftersale Support That Never Ends And "Never Needed" Due To TurcoBazaar Durable And Quality Products

✽we Have Got Many Buyers All Over The World. They Use Our Items In Their Restaurants, Catering Vans, Gardens, Backyard Parties Etc. We Give Spare Part Support Free Of Charge Even 3 Years After Your Purchase.
✽we Give 2 Years Warranty And We Give 24/7 Live Chat Support From The Producer’s Oficial Website
We Give Video Conference Support When Needed.

Spare Parts Will Be Sent Free Of Charge When Needed. 
We Are The Biggest Manufacturer In Europe,

Producing Cooking Equipment Under The Turcobazaar And Remta And Silver Brands.
The Products Labeled Turcobazaar Are Manufactured For The USA, Canada, And The Uk, Are Covered By A 2-year Warranty.
Remta And Silver Labelled Items Are Produced For The Middle East And Africa. In Different Standards... Warranty For Remta and Silver Labelled Products Is Not Available If Bought From USA, Canada, Uk
We Suggest Turcobazaar Brand For the USA, Canada, And Uk. 

Unauthorized Amazon And eBay Sellers Supply Remta, Silver Labeled, Defective-outlet Products Through Intermediaries And Sell To People On The Internet. Defective Products Cause Pressure Problems, Do Not Light Up Properly And Cause Radiants To Burst. The Defective Product You Purchased From An Unauthorized Dealer Is Not Covered By The Warranty. All Guaranteed Products Have A Serial Number. Please Return Products Without A Serial Number. Don't Risk Your Money
The Automatic Spinning Griller Works With 110v And There Is No Need For A Voltage Converter. The Meat Spinning Speed Is Adjusted With Precision And Rotates Your Meat At A Speed That Does Not Burn Your Meat. The Normal Spinning Speed Is Set To 1rpm. Outlet Products Rotate The Meat More Slowly And Break Down In A Short Time. Slow Spinning Will Burn Your Meat And Will Not Give You Juicy Meat. Turcobazaar Burners Are Produced For Giving The Smoke Taste To The Meat.  
Customers Can Contact Us Even After 5 Years From The "Turcobazaar Official Website". You Can Easily Find It By Searching On The Internet. All Spare Parts Are Sent Free Of Charge When Needed. Turcobazaar Is The Only Authorized Dealer In Amazon.
✽don't Waste Your Time And Money With Outlet Products Which Can Be Broken In A Short Time (2-3 Months) Our Warranty Is Valid Only When You Buy From Registered Turcobazaar Sellers. If You Buy From Unregistered Home Office Sellers, Who Sell Especially "Remta" And "Silver" Brands, Our Warranty Will Not Be Valid For You As These Brands Are Produced For The Middle East And African Markets... Outlets Without Warranty And Make Pressure And Electricity Problems.
If You Buy Imitations, Its' Motors Can Not Work Properly In USA... 
Using Voltage Converters Will Damage Your Machine In Time And It Is Dangerous!!! 
They Will Be Broken In A Short Time... 
Our Machines Work Originally In 110v
✽what Will You Do If An Unauthorized Amazon Seller's Account Was Down Months After Your Purchase? You Can Not Find Any Representer For Your Problems And Requests. Do Not Risk Your Money! Amazon Support Ends In 2 Months... After 2 Months The Sellers Will Ignore You However Turcobazaar Stands Strongly Back To Its Products Even 3 Years After Your Purchase.
*there Are Sellers At Amazon Who Sell Our Outlet, Faulty Products At Amazon And eBay... We Are Not Responsible For These Items. Remta Brand Is For The Middle East And Africa And Should Not Be Used In The USA, Canada, And Uk.

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