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6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie

6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
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6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
6 Pot/Pan Electric Table/Counter-top WET Bain Marie
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  • Model: 6 pot electric bain marie
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High-Quality 6 Pot electric Wet Bain Marie  (Heavy Duty/high Output) 
Compact Design Ideal For The Space Conscious!

6 Pot Wet...table/counter-top Bain Marie On Electric...
excellent For Busy Catering Trailers, Outdoor Use Or General Use As It Is On Propane Gas. 
Polished Stainless Steel Making This Unit A Very Well Built And Attractive Piece Of Kit. 
Width: 720 mm
Depth: 650 mm
Height: 350 mm
Capacity: 4.5 Liter x 6
Power: 220 V 50-60 Hz -1.5 kW
Weight: 17 kg
Professional/ Commercial Use
Water Drainer
Thermostatic controll
Easy To Maintain and Clean
All Serviceable Parts Are Easily Accessible From The Removal Of The Bottom Panel

Electric bain-marie or LPG bain-marie models are available for sale at sufficient prices in good quality. If you need a bain marie commercial use, you are at the right place. heat Bains-marie or Bain Marie in its original form; Marie's bath is a method used for the first time to melt gold. Today, this method, which is mostly used in industrial kitchens; is traditionally done with a second vessel placed inside a pot of water.

Bain-marie machine models produced for large-scale enterprises save both time and labor. You can buy hot food steamer machine models that impress with Turcobazaar quality, with the assurance of Turcobazaar. Electric bain-marie counter, bain-marie dining counter, countertop models and much more are here! If you are wondering where to sell the best quality professional kitchen equipment; you are at the right address.

Bain-marie for commercial kitchen Prices

We offer our bain-marie product, which is made of stainless steel material, to our valued customers, with different features and designs. You can save space in your kitchen by choosing the countertop bain marie model, or you can achieve freedom of movement with the pedestal hot food steamer models. You can also provide ease of use with options with adjustable leg height.

In the category where you can find the products of the most recommended brands in the production of kitchen equipment, the hot food steamer price range is quite wide. hot food steamer machines, which you can buy with the principle of safe online sales, are of the quality that will please you with their reasonable prices.

Bain-marie counter prices vary according to the size and features of the product. Products that appeal to different needs with different chamber options can be purchased as electric or gas. You can choose between wooden and metallic-looking products to suit the design of your kitchen.

Bain Marie Varieties

The bain-marie method, which is indispensable for industrial kitchens, is frequently used. What is bain-marie? If we look for the most correct answer to the question; It is a method that melts the products that need to be melted without direct contact or keeps the food warm.

The hot food steamer device, which is used in places where it is served repeatedly and for a long time, such as the cafeteria, can be sold adjacent to the counter or as a countertop.

You can find Turcobazaar countertop double boiler models at turcobazaar. Electric hot food steamer and natural gas hot food steamer types can be preferred according to needs.

Bain Marie Prices

TurcoBazaar, which you can buy online and serve with its experienced sales team, will support you in all matters related to industrial kitchen materials. hot food steamer countertop models used in professional kitchens can have various volumes and sizes. Buy the models that will add elegance to your kitchens and provide quality service at the most affordable prices now! You can review our website to examine the steamer price and installment options.

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