How to clean the commercial grill griddle?

There are a few cleaning techniques for cast iron griddles and flat top grills. You can use these techniques any kind of commercial-grade griddles like chrome griddles, Cast iron griddles, smooth hot plate griddles.

When applied correctly, the grilling technique is one of the healthiest cooking techniques and indispensable for healthy diets. The most challenging part of this technique for the cook is the grill cleaning required after cooking.

Dealing with burning, sticky pieces of meat and hardening fat can be really frustrating if the right methods are not followed during cleaning. In addition to this, the wrong and incompletely cleaned grill produces bacteria over time, accumulates harmful chemicals on it, quickly loses its surface quality, and has to be replaced.

Let's take a look at some information and methods about grill cleaning to make your job easier.

Grill cleaning with rock salt:

Rock salt is one of the most effective and harmless substances that can be used in grill cleaning. Rock salt, which you can easily find in markets and herbalists, is also very economical. In this method, first, make sure the grill is completely dry.

Then pour the salt onto your scouring sponge and scrub the grill with the soft side of the sponge. Thanks to the absorption feature of salt, you will see that the residues and dirt on the grill are easily cleaned. You should not use this method on grids with a custom drawable overlay.

Grille cleaning with window cleaning fluids:

Another option is to use window cleaning spray. In this method, spray the window cleaning spray on your still warm grill, then wrap a wet newspaper on it. When you leave it for half an hour in this way, the residues and oils that stick to the grill will soften. Then wipe your grill with a damp cloth, and when the residues are removed, wash it thoroughly with plenty of water.

Grill cleaning with vinegar:

You can also use vinegar for cleaning the grill, as in Mix a glass of vinegar with hot water. Then soak the grill in this water. When you leave it for half an hour in this way, the residues and oils that stick to the grill will soften.

You can easily clean the softened residues with the help of a sponge. You can also apply the same mixture by using dish soap instead of vinegar. In both techniques, do not forget to wash your grill with plenty of water after cleaning.

Grill cleaning by boiling in water:

If you don't want to use anything other than water while cleaning the grill, you can put it in a large pot that can accommodate the grill and boil it in water. When you boil the food residues for 5 minutes, they will separate from the grill and as a result, you can easily clean them.

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