A catering refrigerator is one of the basic needs of all commercial kitchens. Whether large-scale or small, the business must have an industrial refrigerator for food and beverage storage. But if you have not owned such a business before, how will you choose the right refrigerator and other commercial catering equipment? What should be considered when buying a commercial fridge? What are the types of industrial refrigerators? What are the differences between each other? If you have these questions in your mind, this article is definitely for you. We recommend that you read it carefully.

Why Should You Buy a catering Refrigerator?

You should buy a commercial refrigerator because commercial fridges have a high capacity, unlike normal refrigerators.

They have three-phase and single-phase options.

Industrial refrigerators are made of stainless steel. They last for many years and do not rust. They provide suitable conditions for a hygienic kitchen.

Since industrial-type refrigerators are designed on the idea of ​​maximizing space, they can be used with countertops even in places where there is no place for a refrigerator.

What are the Types of Commercial Refrigerators?

Industrial refrigerators are diversified in different capacities, different sizes, and different features according to the needs of industrial kitchens. They are divided into two different types according to their forms:

Upright Industrial Refrigerator

Counter Type Industrial Refrigerator (Horizontal Type)

There are models with glass doors in order to make some work easier in the kitchen and for the customer to see inside when placed in the customer area. We often see these commercial fridges in markets and kiosks. There are commercial refrigerators with stainless doors and with drawers. Upright refrigerators are also widely used. There are upright fridges with locked drawers and locked doors for ease of control in models with stainless doors. In vertical models, the motor can be located on the top or at the back of the cabinet. In case of a malfunction in the fridges with the motor on top, on-site repair is possible without removing the cabinet. For this reason, we recommend you choose the commercial fridges that have a motor on the top or at the bottom.

Countertop refrigerator models are ideal for businesses that do not have a separate place for both the refrigerator and the counter. You can use the upper part as a counter and the lower part as a refrigerator for stacking purposes. In horizontal fridges, there are models with drawers and doors, as well as a glass door option. Models with stainless doors or drawers have the possibility of a locked drawer and a locked door. In these models, the engine of the refrigerator is usually located on the left or right section in accordance with the use of the business.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator?

You should make sure that the refrigerator you buy has the capacity to meet your needs.

You should make sure that the fridge is made of durable and stainless materials.

You should choose well-known and reliable brands who can support you even after 3 years from your purchase.

You should pay attention to whether there is a warranty for the after-sales product.