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Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series

Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series
Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series
Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series
Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series
Commercial Electric Fryer 24+24 Litre CounterTop Chips Fryer With Thermostats 900 Series
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Turcobazaar Trademark

Single Tank Single Basket Electric Fryer For professional commercial kitchens, hotels, and restaurants

TurcoBazaar Commercial Electric Fryers are well designed professional fryer which allows you to serve the best-fried products to your customers. Dimensions are another pros as our Electric fryers save many places in your space.

Turcobazaar countertop electric fryer has all the security devices which are compulsory for Certification. Cheap fryers without security devices are not allowed to use in commercial kitchens. You are safe with our countertop electric chips fryer.

Stainless Steel Propan Gas Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer Electric 24+24 Lt with safety devices and thermostats. The best commercial fryer in the UK. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Delivery time is 3 weeks as the product is in production at the moment.

Double Tank Electric Fryer Specifications

Dimensions: 800*900*850 mm

Volume: 24+24 Liter

Weight: 70 kg

Power: Electric 230-400/ 50-60 / 21 kW

Commercial Countertop Electric Deep Fryer

Double 12+12 = 24 Litre Oil Tank capacity each.

Suitable for Kitchens, restaurants and catering vans, Catering trailers.

Stainless Steel gastronome.

• Single-phase or three-phase supply • Thermostat controlled heating • Limit thermostat in electric models • Movable stainless pipe type resistance • Stainless steel body and oil chamber • Stainless basket • Bottom cabinet option • Oil drain cock • Easy to clean oil chamber • Hygienic and safe • Long-lasting

If you need budged fryers or your space is not enough for the fryer, please see these fryers below:

double basket commercial chips fryer 10 litrecommercila chips fryer 16 litrecommercial chips fryer 5 litre single basketcommercial chips fryer 8 litre single basketcommercialpropane chips fryer with thermostats 16 litre

Turcobazaar Lpg Gas Fryer has very advantageous dimensions which saves much space in your catering trailer or in your kitchen. Our commercial fryer is very lightweight, easy to move, and clean. Unlike other cheap models, the Turcobazaar tabletop fryer has gas cut-off specifications thanks to the flame failure device. If you need a tabletop gas fryer,

Turcobazaar gas chips fryer has CE-certified push buttons which secure your kitchen's safety. As a starter, Turcobazaar is always with you and Turcobazaar is always stands back to its products. You are in safe hands with strong aftersale support.

If you want a reliable and professional fryer that meets all standards, you don’t have to search anymore! The TurcoBazaar Brand Deep table top gas fryer Fryer countertop chips fryer is a double basket fryer that saves time, energy, and money. If you are trying to find the best solution for your kitchen, this could be it. If you need a tabletop gas fryer, Turcobazaar is the right place for you to buy a tabletop gas fryer online.

This product offers you the quality you didn’t think possible for such a price. Once you have it you won’t give it a second thought because it will always do its job, giving the same good result as always.

There will be no bad fries or bad chips. Everything you put in the TurcoBazaar Brand Deep Fryer will be crispy, fresh, and tasty. Frying foods is very easy with Turcobazaar twin tank LPG fryer.

Features of TurcoBazaar Industrial Propane LPG Deep Fryer

The TurcoBazaar Brand LPG propane gas Fryer is made from High-Grade Stainless Steel with two removable fryer baskets and bowls. It’s a revolutionary product solving many of a restaurant’s problems of saving time. With the baskets and oil containers that can be dismantled, this fryer is low maintenance and easy to clean.

The fryer is CE-certified and are 540 x 480 x 360 mm. The capacity of this fryer is 5 L per basket. Both oil containers are 15 cm deep. This fryer heats the oil quickly with ignition buttons you just need to choose to get the temperature you want.

Advantages of TurcoBazaar Industrial Propane LPG Deep Fryer
  • CE certified dimensions
  • This product is made to all standards and approved by chefs all over the world. It will fit perfectly in every kitchen and be a great asset when time is of the essence.
  • Professional
  • TurcoBazaar produces kitchen elements of great quality and is made for professional use. The products are tested and will work for hours without pause.
  • Easily cleaned
  • Knowing how important hygiene is in every kitchen, the manufacturer has offered a stainless surface that is easy to clean and polish. The double bowls are removable and washable in the dishwasher.
  • Double frying
  • The Turcobazaar Brand propane gas fryer has two baskets that can work at the same time. This way, frying is faster and more productive. Both baskets each have gas valves for regulating the flame independently.

This is one of those old-school products that were made respecting every standard and bringing the product to perfection. If you need a large quantity of food prepared, save your time and get the TurcoBazaar Brand Deep Fryer. It will do double duty and help you save time.

This is a must-have if you own a restaurant and the value for the money is excellent. We recommend this product wholeheartedly and know you’ll enjoy the French fries you’ve prepared in it. They are delicious!

TurcoBazaar Chip fryers are produced in 4 different capacities for your choice.

5 Litre Single Basket chip fryer is produced for very limited spaces in reasonably slow businesses. Because of its size, you can save much place.

8 Litre single basket chip fryer is size bigger model in the category of single basket chip fryers.

When it comes to the double basket commercial chip fryers, we have a 5+5 10 Litre double basket fryer Twin Tak LPG Fryer. which is a good choice for busy businesses who needs to save more place. 8+8 16 Litre commercial chip fryer Twin Tank LPG fryer is another choice as a double basket chip fryer. The main pros of these fryers are mainly their sizes and the security device used in the fryer. All models have Flame Failure Device ( gas cut-off Device ).

If your gas engineer needs to see a Thermostat on the fryer and if you have enough space for a bigger fryer, we have an 8+8 16 Litre commercial fryer with thermostats Twin Tank LPG Fryer. The thermostat allows you to keep the oil at a specific temperature automatically however this fryer is much bigger than the fryer model without a thermostat.

Turcobazaar produces Catering Gas fryers in 2 types.

Electric Chip Fryer

Gas Chip Fryer

What to Look for in a Good Deep Fryer

While there are many things to consider when buying a deep fryer, generally speaking, the most vital ones are how safe you are when using it, its capacity, what you’re willing to pay (based on your needs), and whether or not it’s hard to use and clean. While, again, there are several other factors to consider, these are the most vital ones and the ones that you’re best served knowing.

  • Safety

Safety should be a consideration for anybody purchasing a deep fryer. While most other cooking aids can cause a fire if you’re not cautious, frying is particularly risky and prone to starting them. While all deep frying comes with these kinds of risks, using propane ups this risk considerably, so keep that in mind.

An electric deep fryer is less risky but not ideal – oil can sometimes boil over or get so hot it combusts if you’re not cautious. You can purchase electric deep fryers that have useful safety features, like an automatic shutoff that activates whenever the oil is at an unsafe temperature. There are also break-off cords that will detach if the cord is disturbed, rather than wait for the cooker to tip over entirely.

  • Capacity

The first thing to consider here is what you’ll be aiming to use your fryer for. Making food for yourself or dozens of guests? A small-capacity or slow fryer will be unsuited to your needs, then.

Also, if you are a fan of larger foods being deep-fried, then you’ll need a bigger capacity fryer. A whole chicken? You’re going to need to splurge a bit, both in spending and in storage space.

  • Ease of use and cleaning

Cleaning your fryer is generally not going to be a fun process. The different types and their upsides and downsides in this regard have already been discussed, but consider it like this: Do you value taste over all else? Go for propane but be prepared to endure the hassle of clean-up. Electric is a middle ground, while air is the opposite end of the spectrum, with the least mess but generally agreed to produce the least tasty meals.

  • Cost

What you’re prepared to pay is a question you ask yourself before almost any purchase. Even the smallest grocery item can be a source of displeasure if you think the price is inflated or unfair. So, keep in mind that deep fryers can go from small, electric ones to large-capacity air fryers that cost hundreds of dollars. Decide on your ideal mixture of the useful and the pragmatic, and only then go to the store or your favorite online retailer

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