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Pizza Oven 18" 46 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven Electric by

All Conveyors can be operated in two directions. This means you can use the oven on BOTH LEFT-HAND SIDE OR RIGHT-HAND SIDE. You can give the Pizzas from either side of the oven. The conveyor direction can be changed directly from the digital front panel.

It can be operated on the set in terms of its dimensions.
It provides ease of use to our customers with its microprocessor-controlled, programmable cooking system and memory feature. Our ovens provide product-oriented homogeneous cooking by destroying the cold air curtain on the product thanks to the hot air channels. Cooked pizza products are produced in the same standard and quickly.

BAND SIZE 406x700 mm x 2

DIMENSIONS 773x1370x458 mm

VOLT 400V AC 3~ 1N 1PE 50/60 Hz

A / KW 10,5A / 6 Kw


75 Kg

General and Technical Properties

Countertop operability

40 cm beltwidth

Air-blown cooking system

Fully stainless body

Microprocessor-controlled programming

Low ambient temperature

Multistack operation


Low energy consumption

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