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6 Litres Fryers

6 Litres Fryers
Brand: TurcoBazaar
Stainless Steel 3+3 LITRE ELECTRIC Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer 5000WDimensions: 350*400*200 mmVolume: 3+3 LITRE DOUBLE TANK, DOUBLE BASKETWeight: 10 kgPower: 5000 WattOil Tank Dept: 15 cmCommercial Countertop Propane Gas Deep Fryer3 LITERS CAPACITY in TotalHigh-Grade Stainless Steel 2 X Stainle..
Ex Tax:£120.00
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Industrial Gas Fryer Models UK

French fries, which are indispensable for food menus, are highly preferred by consumers because they are delicious and satisfying. If you are wondering where to buy an LPG gas fryer or Electric Fryer models that save you time and labor, you are at the right address. In this way, you can have models where you can prepare french fries quickly and safely.

With industrial chips fryers that offer a wide range of options, you can make choices according to your customer density and the needs of your business. You can perform professional frying operations with natural gas, propane gas, or electric models according to your request. You can use industrial fryer models of quality brands such as Turcobazaar for many years with peace of mind, with the assurance of a stainless steel body. At the same time, you can easily clean your fryer thanks to its removable parts.

Industrial Fryer Prices

The propane fryer options, with their ergonomic designs, minimize the negative factors that may occur during use. You can increase the safety of your business by purchasing Turcobazaar double tank fryer models or single tank fryer models with flame failure devices. It is also in your hands to adjust the temperature of the pool oil according to your wishes with the thermostat in the fryer which is a 16 Litre double basket fryer with thermostats. In the category where you can find the products of the most recommended brands in the field, you can also find products with more than one chamber., where you can buy the best industrial fryer options at the most affordable prices, continues to be with you during the online sales process.

You can send a message to the online support team or call the customer support line for all your questions about products, shopping stages, prices and other issues. Same-day shipping, safe delivery and quality are just a click away!

Double basket gas fryer or single basket gas fryer

You should choose the fryer model according to the space in your kitchen. It is also important how busy is your business in pick times. If you have small space and your business is not so busy, single tank single basket lpg gas or electric fryer will be the best choice for you.

All kinds of frying are quite delicious, but what about the harms? In addition to the high calories you take, you may be putting your health at risk depending on the qualities of the utensil you are frying.

Since fryers are products specially produced for frying food, they reduce the damage caused by frying to zero. At the same time, depending on the model, you can fry a lot with much less oil.

Although fryers are often referred to as french fries, they can fry anything from vegetables to pastries and even fish. Fryers, which we can examine among electrical cooking appliances, have quite different types and sizes.

Commercial LPG Fryer / Electric Fryer Types

As with domestic or industrial fryers, these two groups come in a wide variety according to their qualities and capacities. We can divide household fryers into different categories such as oil-free fryers, stovetop fryers, conventional fryers or pressure fryers.

If you choose the fryer that suits your needs, it can be considered a very profitable investment. We know that pans not specially produced for frying can transmit carcinogenic substances to the hot oil when the oil reaches high temperature in frying pans, this is not the case with the deep fryer. These small household appliances, which are specially produced for frying, are equipped with special materials by calculating such risks.

Fryers, which can fry in a much shorter time than conventional frying methods, save electricity and prevent the smell of frying from permeating the house. With the fryer's ability to cook the desired portion in one use, the batch frying process, which is experienced in pan-frying, is closed. You can say goodbye to the first pan that went cold while you were trying to finish frying!

Especially for large families or users who frequently host guests at home, it is very important to choose the inner volume of the fryer according to their needs. If you have an oil-free or minimal-oil fryer, you won't have to do any extra things like degreasing with a napkin.

In pressure fryer models, frying is done easily thanks to the pressure applied to the inner chamber. With the power of pressure, the water of the food is trapped inside and the outside is fried. If you like crispy and juicy foods, then pressure fryers are ideal for you. With this method, foods that do not absorb oil are both healthier and oil waste is prevented.

When using the fryer, generally, the food to be fried is first put into the fryer and the food is cooked by adding enough oil for frying. The oil that is not added in the appropriate amount to the portion to be fried may cause your food to be too oily or dry.

After the frying process is finished, you can collect the leftover frying oil that you are sure has cooled down in a bottle and take it to the waste oil collection point closest to your living area for recycling.

Thus, you can add the world to the good you do for yourself. You must clean the emptied fryer chamber after every frying process. Performing this step without skipping will save both the life of your fryer and your fries.