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Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W

Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W
Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W
Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W
Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W
Commercial Electric Chips fryer Tabletop Electric Fryer 8 Litre 2500 W
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Stainless Steel 8 LITRE ELECTRIC Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer 2500 W

- Suitable for professional use.
- High precision thermostat.
- It also has a second thermostat, providing fire safety.
- Steel gastronome.
- Removable steel oil tank.
- Basket with removable handle.
- Stainless steel body.
- Steel cover.

Product Dimensions: 345x650x360 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Capacity: 8 lt

Power: 3000 W


High-Grade Stainless Steel 1 X Stainless Steel REMOVABLE Fryer Baskets

Suitable for Kitchens and restaurants

Stainless Steel gastronome.

Removable Stainless steel oil tank.

Stainless steel body. 1X Stainless Steel lids.


Responds very quickly from the zero point to high temperatures.

How to use a commercial Chips Fryer?

Proper installation is essential for safe, efficient, and trouble-free use in Commercial Fryers. Electric Fryers are produced for deep frying. Electric chips fryers are thermostatically controlled and equipped with a 230° thermal protector to prevent the oil from igniting.

Oil operating temperature should not exceed 200° in Turcobazaar Electric Fryers. Generally, semi-solid - semi-liquid or solid oils are used in Commercial Fryers.

These oils have a longer lifespan than normal vegetable oils. 100 gr in 1 liter of oil in a good Industrial Fryer. frozen potatoes are cooked with 1 kW of energy. The cooking time in the Industrial Fryer should not exceed 3 minutes for this type of food.

CommercialFryers can be built on a countertop or with a cabinet. The control system of some models of Industrial Fryers may be electronically controlled and timed.

The person who will use the electric Fryer should know that the device has been produced for industrial use. The Industrial Fryer should know how to use it, and it should be operated by paying attention to the fact that it works with hot oil.

In order for your device not to be out of warranty, apply the following;

Use your device with a grounded socket and 220 Volt electricity.

your device; Never operate without oil in it, in this case, the resistance will fail. In such cases, the device is out of warranty.

Connect your fryer directly to the plug. We don't suggest you use an extension adapter. The best solution for you is to call an electrician to put a plug close to the fryer.

How To Keep Clean A Commercial Fryer?

After cleaning the Industrial Fryer with suitable degreasing detergent, it should be dried with a dry cloth. Clean the parts with electrical connections without leaking water.

Place the basket inside your cleaned appliance and put clean frying oil in half of the frying basket, never operate the fryer with less oil, you may cause the oil to overheat and catch fire.

In order to prevent bacterial growth in the Industrial Fryer and to provide the necessary hygiene, it is highly recommended to periodically revise or maintain it at certain intervals.

how to clean fryer?

You can use the same applications for both Turcobazaar Double fryers and Turcobazaar single fryers.

fryer first use

french fries machine prices industrial type

For your safety, a 30 milliampere residual current fuse should be placed in the fuse box of the mains line to which the device is connected.

Adjust the temperature setting thermostat on the device (preferably 160 - 180 degrees) to the appropriate frying temperature. Your device will automatically stop automatically when it reaches the heating degree you have set.

When your frying process is finished, lift the basket by the handle and wait until the oil on the fried products is drained. After the oils are filtered, you can serve fried products.

If you are not going to fry afterward, lower the thermostat temperature setting between 80 and 100 degrees in order to save electricity and start using it again quickly.

If the fryer will not be used for a long time, turn the appliance off by turning the temperature to 0 from the thermostat, and pull the plug from the socket if it will stay for a long time.

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