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SHAWARMA ROBOT MACHINE Automatic Doner Robot Automatic Shawarma Cutting Machine 4 stove With Boiler (TBROBOT-4RB) by

SHAWARMA ROBOT MACHINE Automatic Doner Robot Automatic Shawarma Cutting Machine 4 stove With Boiler (TBROBOT-4RB) by
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  • Model: Tbrobot-4Rb
  • Weight: 224.00kg
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EXCELLENCES OF DONER ROBOTSNon-stop working in 7-days / 24-hours,Ability to cut in front of the high-temperature without getting bored,Eliminates the negative human factors (sneezing, cough, perspiration, breath, touch, etc.) and guarantees the hygieneAnybody with no experience at all, can both cook and slice by these robots,Doner Robot slices the doner by using its digital camera.By means of digital camera technology, there is no necessity of doner meat to be well-shaped or totally cylindrical surfaced.World’s First SHWARMA Kebab RobotUsing a digital camera to measure the thickness of each slice, the robot can slice 300 portions an hour, or one portion every 10 seconds.Traditionally the shwarma is made from lamb and served in lavash bread along with salad ingredients. Two similar dishes are called shawarma in Arabic and gyros in Greek. While the döner kebab is hardly known in the United Sates, it is very popular in Europe, with over 15,000 kebab shops in Germany alone.Some highlights of the robot are:Non-stop working in 7-days / 24-hours.Ability to cut in front of the high-temperature without getting bored.Fast and continuously slicing and making standardized slices.Eliminates the negative human factors (sneezing, cough, perspiration, breath, touch, etc.) and guarantees the hygiene.SPECIFICATIONS OF 4 STOVE DONER ROBOT ( WE PRODUCE BIGGER MACHINES EITHER)Max. Doner Weight: 80 KG MAX.Doner Height: 63 cmMax. Doner Diameter: 46 cmCutting Program: Conic/FlatCooking Unit (Gas): 4 Radian LPG/LNGGas Consumption: 1,5 m³/hourCooking Unit (Electric): 7,8 kW / 400 V / 230 V / 3 / N / PE / ~50HzRemote Control: AvailableTouch Screen Control: AvailableMin. Working Bench Width: 60 cmIntegrated Double Boiler: N/ASlicing Arm: RightIncliding Cutting: 15° MaxSpecifications of Fast Food shwarma RobotsDoner Robots have been produced by using advanced mechatronics techniques.All cutting and cooking operations are done by a special computer software. This software has been developed with the information taken from the experienced doner masters that have been working in this field for many years.The doner robot cuts the doner by seeing it with the help of its digital camera and for this reason the surface of the doner doesn’t have to be flat.It cuts all kinds of doner meat perfectly in a standard.Thickness of cuttings can be adjusted upon demandOperating and using the robot can be learned in a short time thanks to its ease and remote control.Robots are durable since they have been produced with high quality materials.Takes up less space thanks to the body designed as a wholeCleaning up the robot is easy as the parts touching the meat can be demounted easily.Hygienic cutting without contact by hands. • East to use and do not require any experience. • Easy to remove and clean the parts. • Capable of 24 hours operation. • Sensitive and continuous doner cutting in desired thickness. • Remote control. • Reduces the overhead expenses. • Bring prestige to the business. • Adjustable press on the meat feature during cutting. • Custom adjustable engine speed. • Removable railed and filtered meat chamber. • Removable meat cutting knife • Wide cutting with circular Cutting knife with 14O mm diameter. • On the possibility ot the robot blade sharpening. • Horizontal rotisserie mechanism preventing damage to engine • Air filtered cooling fans. • Doner engine capable of rotating both directions and insulated from fat. • Emergency stop button for safety. • Seesawing doner quarry with adjustable angle. • Adjustable flaps allowing easy cleaning of the doner quarry. • Cover plate for preventing damage to radians while cleaning. • Heater for maintaining the temperature of the meat bain-marie cut. • The quarry section can be replaced with single or double row electricity or gas quarries. • Long-life radians and wires • Taps with safety volve • Easy software update • Monophasic operations • Low energy consumption • Manuel cutting in case of any failure or blackout Advantages of Fast Food Doner RobotsIt provides the opportunity to work around the clock.Thanks to its fast and standard cutting features an increase is provided in the number of portions and service speed.By means of its easy usage it minimizes the dependence on manual labor which requires cutting mastership and provides an increase in the quality of service.It is a center of attraction with its technological and hygienic appearance.It is such a productive machine that it amortizes itself in a very short time like 6 months.shwarma-Roboter sind mit fortgeschrittenen mechatronischen Techniken hergestellt.- Alle Schneid- und Grill-Operationen werden mit einer speziellen Computer-Software durchgeführt. Diese Software ist auf Basis von Informationen erfahrener shwarma-Meister entwickelt worden.- Der shwarma-Roboter schneidet den shwarma unter Einsatz einer digitalen Kamera (visuelles Erfassen), deshalb braucht die shawarma-Oberfläche nicht glatt zu sein.- Schneidet alle Arten von shwarmafleisch perfekt auf Standard- Schnittstärke kann nach Wunsch eingestellt werden.- Wegen der einfachen Handhabung (bedienungsfreundlich) und der Fernbedienung ist das Bedienen des Roboters baldmöglichst gelernt- Roboter werden aus hochwertigen Materialien hergestellt mit dem Ziel der Langlebigkeit- Das Gerät ist als eine ganze Einheit konstruiert und braucht deshalb ziemlich wenig Platz- Alle Teile, mit denen das Gerät in Kontakt mit dem shawarmafleisch kommt, sind leicht zu entfernen und zu reinigen. Übrigens ist die gesamte Außenfläche des Roboters leicht zu reinigen.Die Vorteile der Fast-Food-shawarma-Roboter- Bietet 7 Tage 24 Stunden Dauerbetrieb mit Grill- und Schneidemöglichkeit- Die Eigenschaft der schnellen und auf Standard-Dicke geschnittenen shawarmastücke bewirkt ein Anstieg der Portionszahlen und eine schnellere Servierzeit- Mit der einfachen Bedienung minimiert es die Abhängigkeit von manueller Arbeit, wo sonst zum Schneiden Meister benötigt wurden und erhöht die Servierqualität- Technologischer und hygienischer Aspekt ist ein Pluspunkt für die Kunden.- Eine leistungsfähige Maschine, die sich in weniger als 6 Monaten amortisieren kann.
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