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Shawarma Accessorie

Meat Holder Skewer FOR TurcoBazaar Shawarma Grillers
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Brand: TurcoBazaar
Please select the suitable size for you from  the menü.This Shawarma griller skewer ( shish ) is only suitable for the TurcoBazaar shawarma grillers .You can buy this shawarma machine skewer, Meat holder as a spare, so that you can save time when you need to cook the second kebab...You can keep..
Shawarma Cutting Knife & Catch Pan Shawarma Machine Accessories
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Brand: TurcoBazaar
Shawarma Knife is the knife which is used only for cutting the shawarma meat easily. It looks like  a Samurai sword. if you buy a shawarma machine, Shawarma cutting knife will be one of the most important accessorie in order to enjoy in cooking shawarma.Catch pan is used for collecting the meat..
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