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Pizza Dough Roller SINGLE Roller Dough Roll Out Machine 30 CM/12"-Ø5 cm by

Pastry, sugar and other dough rolling applications are also used. Maximum obtained dough diameter is 30 cm. The thickness and diameter of the dough to be rolledcan be easily obtained to the desired extent by means of the roller spacing adjustment system. Thanks to its quick and easy use feature, it can be doughed in minimum 3 and maximum 5 seconds.

Technicial SpecificationsSM-300 SINGLESM-450 SINGLESM-600 SINGLE
Machine Length (cm)445974
Machine Width (cm)464747
Machine Height (cm)444444
Machine Weight (kg)344047
Motor Power (kW)0.370.370.37
Electrical Connection (V-HZ)230V  50/60HZ230V  50/60HZ230V  50/60HZ
Dough Weight (gr)100-210100-300100-520
Obtained Dough Diameter (cm)19-2919-4519-60

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