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Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven

Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven
Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven
Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven
Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven
Electric Digital Patisserie Oven 6400 Watts 4 Trays 600x400mm Electric Convection Oven
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Pimak Digital Patisserie Oven, 4 Trays

Single-phase or three-phase supply in electric models

Thermostat controlled heating

Fan air circulation


Stainless steel body

Heat resistant double glazing

cooking timer

hygienic and safe


Technical Specifications

Voltage: 230-380 50/60 Volt/Hz

Power: 6.4 kW

Size: 80.5x80x57 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Capacity: 4 Trays

Product features

Working Type: Electric

Tray Size: 40x60 cm

Tray Capacity:4

Patisserie Bakery Oven

Bakeries have a very important place in the production of patisserie products and are among the products that are of great importance for all of us. These products, which we use while preparing delicious meals for ourselves or our guests, are among the indispensable parts of our kitchens. Ovens, which have different working principles and functional features, also differ from each other in terms of size and design.

In addition to the ovens we use to meet our daily needs in the kitchens of our homes, there are also professional kitchen oven models. These models are generally used to meet the industrial needs in places such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels. There are various models such as cake - bread, pizza, and bakery oven.

In the category of Ovens, you can get detailed information about the products that will be sufficient to meet your daily needs, as well as professional oven models that can meet the needs of industrial-scale, and you can view the price tags. In this way, you can easily choose the most suitable products for your purposes and needs.

Patisserie Oven Models

Which are carefully produced for users who want to have a perfect cooking experience and designed by analyzing user needs, are offered to you with dozens of different designs and features. Industrial furnaces, which have the size and specific features required for enterprises, can easily meet the needs of large enterprises.

In the category with gas oven and electric oven options, there are also products that address special needs such as pizza ovens and pita ovens. You can choose single-story or multi-story industrial furnaces according to your preference. Industrial ovens, where you can control your products thanks to the lighting feature for the oven, can operate with different temperature ranges. If you are wondering where to sell the best quality industrial oven types, you are at the right address.

Industrial Oven Prices

You can cook different products in different ways with the upper and lower thermostats that work independently of each other. Industrial ovens, which you can use safely for many years thanks to their stainless steel materials, include fixed base and rotary base types.

Turcobazaar commercial bakery ovens, which bring technology to your home with their digital displays, have many functions such as grill cooking, combined cooking, and defrosting. You can shop with the difference of secure online sales in the category, which offers models that will integrate with the design of your kitchen.

You can find any kind of oven you need for your kitchens such as combi oven and deck ovens for pizza shops and patisseries. Steam ovens are also available on

Aiming at customer satisfaction since the day it was founded, offers the products of the most recommended brands in its field, at the most affordable prices. If you want to reach quality with one click and buy the products you like with confidence, choose the products you like right away and experience the difference!

Industrial Oven Selection

The choice of an industrial oven is one of the most important elements for kitchens, and it is also difficult to make a decision. In this article, we share some basic information that will make it easier for you to make a decision.

First of all, when choosing a product, it should be determined what will be cooked and what capacity will be cooked for a kitchen.

If bakery products are to be baked, ovens compatible with 40×60 cm euro norm trays should be preferred.

If there is a food-based menu in the business, products compatible with gastronome tubs should be preferred. Depending on your needs, convection oven models compatible with gastronomic standards such as GN 2/1 or GN 1/1 are among the most preferred.

The size of the furnace should be adjusted in such a way that it does not fall below the targeted capacity of the enterprise. Ovens with a large number of trays should be preferred in enterprises with high capacity.

Oven Models

As we mentioned above, ovens are divided into two main types. But these models have many varieties in themselves. For example, the microwave oven, which is one of the most popular products among these varieties, has a different structure compared to normal products.

Unlike conventional ovens, microwaves do not heat products by generating heat with electricity. A microwave, on the other hand, is a model that uses radio waves to heat products.

On the other hand, varieties do not only consist of a distinction based on working principles. There are different types of products according to the sizes. For example, the mini oven has a much smaller volume than normal models.

However, the low volume of this product should not be considered a negative feature or a disadvantage. It is an excellent alternative for people who will not use it much or for those who do not have enough physical space for an oven in their kitchen.

On the other hand, they have the advantage of being multifunctional products in industrial furnaces, which are among the furnace types. These ovens, which are used for many purposes in the kitchens of environments such as restaurants, are one of the products that serve as the greatest helper in creating delicious meals and presentations. Industrial furnaces; Rational consists of many varieties such as steam convection, electric, gas, stone-based, patisserie.

Cheapest Oven Prices

As with many electronic products, there are differences in oven prices according to factors such as functionality and design. In addition, the availability of a wide range of products is one of the biggest factors in the variability of prices. Factors that directly affect prices; Examples such as capacities of products, intended use, working principles, and material qualities can be given.

The models with the highest price changes appear as industrial products. Since industrial ovens are produced for a wide range of uses, there are many varieties, as well as large differences in factors such as size, prices are quite variable. On the other hand, it is known that price differences are at the peak in this portfolio, which includes models with very different working principles compared to normal models.

Under this category, where you can view the discounted oven models on our website, you have the opportunity to easily choose the most suitable oven models for yourself, taking into account many factors. But before making a choice, it is useful to analyze your needs and for what purpose you will use it. For example, buying a pizza oven to use for your household chores would not be a logical move.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to pay attention to this selection, as well as to pay attention to energy consumption, product brands, physical designs of products, and perhaps the most important factor, the internal volume of the ovens. By choosing in line with these factors, you can find the cheapest oven models that will meet your needs and be sufficient.

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