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TURCOBAZAAR Shawarma Robot Machine Automatic Doner Robot Automatic Shawarma Cutting Machine 4 Stove by

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With industrial doner robots, you can increase your döner production capacity while decreasing labor costs. Energy costs can be decreased with doner robots while productivity levels increase.

You can make your döner ready with a single key on the remote control.

You can cut döner hygienically in the desired thickness. We give service with a 2-year warranty and upgradeable technology. These robots that can pay for themselves in a short time are suitable for use on 7/24. Suitable for all types of cooking and cut.

You can adjust all kinds of cutting settings with this robot. It sets the angle and the distance to döner while cooking.

The industrial type of döner robots can be used in, mass production factories,  döner lines, and shocked döner production.

Remote control: basic functions can be controlled via remote control ex: doner cutting shape, start & stop.

Bain-marie: keeps the doner warm and moist.

Touch panel: all the functions can be controlled via touch panel.

Automatic grill control: this function can adjust the distance between the döner and the grill upon the values designated by the user.

Conic doner cutting and flat doner cutting program is available.

Electric grill, LPG grill, LNG.

 This doner robot bundle comes with remote control, flat/conic cutting program as a standard. Features such as grill types, energy which can be combined upon customer needs are supplied optionally.

 Consists of doner robots equipped with bain-marie and touch panel. Bain-marie keeps the cut meat warm and moist while the touch panel brings the control of the doner robot to your fingertips. This robot is the thanks to starts to cut automatically when the doner surface heat reaches the desired temperature designated by the user.

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