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NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer

NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer
NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer
NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer
NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer
NO 32 Meat Mincer 600 kg/h Meat Grinder Professional catering meat mincer
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NO 32 Meat Mincer Meat Grinder Professional 

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Professional meat mincer... As we sell our products worldwide, we use the best quality durable parts inside the machine... So that we don't receive complaints about the product. 2 years turcobazaar warranty... Do not compare our products with cheap Chinese products... Our machines are of European standards and as good as famous Italian brands. 

Key Features

Outer body and tray made of stainless material

Easy to clean design

Detachable bracelet, chuck, blade and auger

Technical Specifications

Capacity (Kg / Hour): 600 Kg

Voltage: 220-380V / 50-60 Hz

Power: 2.2-3 kW / 2.9-4 Hp

Weight: 68 Kg

Size: 87x33x40 cm

What is important while choosing a meat mincer?

The most important thing is that the meat mincer machine has to be stainless steel "inside-outside". You can see meat mincers in cheaper prices that look pretty good and are quality however out-looking is possibly been tricky. Even if the meat mincer is advertised as a "stainless steel meat mincer" it may not be stainless steel indeed. A quality meat mincer has to be %100 Stainless steel both inside and outside otherwise your product will possibly stop after a few months. 

Meat Mincer Models

With state-of-the-art industrial meat grinders, you can easily prepare products such as salami, sausage, and ground meat in your professional kitchens. Meat grinders; These are machines that can grind delicatessen products such as beef, lamb, offal, and chicken in large pieces in an extremely fast and practical way, and you can make sausage, sausage, and minced meat thanks to its special auxiliary apparatus. Do not think about where to sell the meat grinder that best suits your needs and budget. You can buy products from at attractive prices. There are meat grinders in different models of the Bogazici brand in the preparation machines category at TurcoBazaar. Meat grinders will be the biggest helper in your industrial kitchens. Meat grinder prices vary according to model, features, and capacities. When you take a look at the product prices in the market, you will see that the best prices are at TurcoBazaar.

Best Meat Grinder with Commercial Comprehensive

When you examine the machines you can choose thanks to the category in detail, you can see that you will encounter many different brands. Today, there is the brand Bogazici among the meat grinder brands offered to you by our company. With the choices you will make among these brands, you will be able to shop with meat machine prices varying within the scope of the models offered by the brands.

Best Meat Grinder with Commercial Comprehensive

In fact, from a different point of view, it may be possible to procure products with much more advantageous figures at different periods of the year thanks to the meat grinder campaigns. With the advantage of free shipping on all the products you can see in the category, you can shop by asking how much for the products you supply, by obtaining every information such as capacity, price, and quality. Our main goal is to provide you with the cheapest products with the best quality and the highest assurance, to ensure that you get the right purchase.

Meat Grinder Prices

It is very important that the meat grinder you choose is compatible with your intended use and frequency of use. If you are going to grind small quantities of ground meat at certain times, a lower motor, the simpler machine will be suitable for you. If you are looking for a product that you can use in different areas such as sausage, sausage, and giblets, we recommend you choose more durable meat grinders with high engine power. Almost all possible kitchen accidents can be prevented with the safe pressing apparatus of the meat grinders that combine the latest technology and safety. You can buy all these products from with the advantage of online sales, the best price, and fast shipping.

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