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Flavoured Soap With Clove

Clove essential oil, a wonderful aroma reminiscent of the changing seasons.  Clove essential oil soap is a favorite of ours..


Flavoured Soap With Lavander

Quiet, calm and peaceful .. Like watching the blue sky while lay in the vast lavander fields down....     Lavender; With antiseptic effect..


Flavoured Soap With Linden Flover

Linden Flower Soap is 100% organic Made in France! Naturally made with Linden Flower essential oil, Shea butter and Olive Oil. This soap..


Flavoured Soap With Rosemary

Like a new wingless angel who has just opened her eyes to the world ... Chamomile and Lavender Baby Soap; This soap has proven..


Flavoured Soap With Rosemary And Poppy

Hashish & Rosemary 100% Natural Soap; Rosemary deeply cleans the skin that is extremely useful in acne and skin problems caused by microbe..


Flavoured Soap With Turkish Clay

Fine Bentonite clay absorbs excess oil on the skin without drying; cleans and tones all skin types; all vegetable content. This is a great all-purpose..


Flavoured Soap With Turkish Coffee

A strong brew of Turkish coffee was used to make this soap, with an addition of coffee grounds that make for those specks of darker brown. Coff..


Flavoured Soap With Tyme

A natural solution for Abscess, acne, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, bruises, burns, candida, catarrh, cellulite, chills, colds, coughs,..