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Professional Cutlery Polisher Dryer Machine 3000 pcs/h

Professional Cutlery Polisher 3000 pcs/h
Professional Cutlery Polisher 3000 pcs/h
Professional Cutlery Polisher 3000 pcs/h
Professional Cutlery Polisher 3000 pcs/h
Professional Cutlery Polisher Dryer Machine 3000 pcs/h
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It dries, polishes, and sterilizes with UV light up to 3,000 sets of tools per hour.

• Thanks to the warning light showing that it is ready, it informs when to put cutlery into it.

• There are leakage current relay, fuse, and switch in our machine.

• 304 quality stainless material is used in the body and all possible inner chamber parts and fittings.

What is a cutlery polisher Machine?

In this article, we will tell you what is the commercial cutlery polisher, what is the capacity of cutlery polishing hourly, general features, how to use them and other things to know.

The cutlery polishing machine is industrial kitchen equipment for drying and polishing the washed cutlery and knives without human touch. These machines, which we produce as TurcoBazaar, have the feature of wiping 3000 tools per hour. Washed cutlery is wiped within 25 seconds after being thrown into the cutlery polisher and dryer machine and makes it ready for service. Scientifically proven Ultraviolet Light inside the machine; It destroys the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses and makes viruses harmless. It means saving on personnel costs and labour costs. The cutlery dryer and polisher machine undertake the workload of an employee in 4 hours while saving time and labor; It increases the trust in your brand by maximizing your hygiene conditions. In order for the machine to be used efficiently, it must be started and warmed up 15-20 minutes before the tools are thrown into it. The corn granule in it can only perform efficient wiping and polishing after heating. The corn granule in the machine is a completely natural material and is obtained from the corn cob. The granules used in the machine come in 5 kilos, a total of 25 kilos, and has an average usage time of 30-45 days. After the granule, which has expired, is emptied from the machine, it can be transferred into the new package that comes in 5 kilos and can continue to work.

Cutlery polishing and drying machine

Cutlery polishing machine prices; It varies according to the brand, model and quality. You can use it for years without any problems with the 304 quality stainless steel we use in our machines and the quality materials used in the interior accents.

Cutlery polishing drying machine

KMS 3000 has the ability to delete 3000 pieces of tools in an hour. This machine, which we recommend for narrow kitchens, provides maximum benefit from labor and time; It keeps the reliability of your business and your level of health compliance at the highest level by cleaning and drying your tools in hygiene. Turcobazaar cutlery polisher and dryer machine will be your best catering equipment in your kitchen. It is produced in high standards saves your hours and money.

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