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TBUTTER Automatic Butter Maker- Automatic Creme Maker-Homemade Butter&Creme (TButter01) by

TBUTTER Automatic Butter Maker- Automatic Creme Maker-Homemade Butter&Creme (TButter01) by
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  • Model: TButter01
  • Weight: 5.00kg
TBUTTER01 cream separator is designed with an innovative perspective and has been produced in order to produce cream from any kind of milk.
• All parts of the machine are manufactured from appropriate materials to the food regulations and are manufactured from stainless steel.
• It is extremely easy to use and to clean.
• All parts except the engine compartment separator can be washed in the dishwasher.
• In order to get high yield from the separator; RAW (raw) the milk should be in the 36-40 ° C temperature 
TBUTTER01 the cream separator Specifications
Tank Capacity: 10 liters
Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 46 cm
Engine Power: 60 Watt
Speed: 10000 rpm
Production Capacity: 80 liters / hour
The OPERATING Voltage Range: 220-240 V
Weight: 4.2 kg
The machine works with 100 watt electric motor which has an electric consumption the same as a mapula.
the machine is designed in order to operrate in the most efficient way with the principle of using the centrifugal force which is formed at high speeds.
The machine is produced mainly in two parts as the milk tank and electric motor.
There is electric motor in the body and you must prevent the motor from liquids to entered in it.
in the white ball you see, there is 12 pieces of steinless steel discs which seperates the oil from the milk.
Through the upper canal, it comes butter, the milk comes through the lower canal.
The suction cups on the bottom of the machine let the machine constant to the surface strongly.
The machine can also be screwed on the surface. The machine is produced complately complience with the food regulations and the parts are all steinless steel. Exept for the electric motor, each part of the machine can be washed in dishwasher. While the installation of the machine, it should be noted that the disks inside the white ball shold be settled into the ball and the ball should be locked tightly with the help of it's special key. The ball should be mounted on the body as shown. The canals should be mounted on the main body and the milk tank should be mounted on the top. You should place the control bar into the hole which placed in the middle of the milk tank. Make sure that the control bar should be in the closed position. Milk should be in 36,40 degrees. Run the machine after installing the machine outlet. After 20-30 seconds, set the control bar in the semi-open position. at this point you should make the selection for the consistency of the cream. If you increase the adjustment, you take more liquid creme. when it is adjusted lower degree, you take a creme more solid like butter consistency. After operating the machine, the production starts in 2-3 minutes. The lake of milk from the rear discharge pipe is why the the ball is not properly tightened. In this situation the production should be stopped and the ball should be tightened with it's special key again. After finishing the production, The machine should be cleaned as described. First the milk tank should be seperated from the body. Second the canals should be seperated and the last the white ball should be seperated from the body. You should take the steinless steel seperator discs carefully from the ball and you can wash all parts in the dishwasher. The most important is that, the discs should not be demaged during all these process. These disch are extremely important for the machine. After you finish the cleaning and drying the parts, the machine should be installed and it should be kept ready for the next production.
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