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TURCOBAZAAR WORLD S BEST NUTCRACKER Electric Pecan Cracker English Walnut Nut Filbert Nut Almond Cracker

451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
451.62 (Tb25) by TurcoBazaar
TURCOBAZAAR WORLD S BEST NUTCRACKER Electric Pecan Cracker English Walnut Nut Filbert Nut Almond Cracker
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  • Model: Tb25
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New And Improved! Just Put The Nuts In The Hopper Of The Nut Cracker And Out Come Your Cracked Shelled Nuts In A Matter Of Seconds. A Great Piece Of Machinery!

The Powerful Motor Works Fast To Crack About 50 Lbs Of Nuts In A Hour

Shown In The Photo Above Right Is The Results From Cracking Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, And Hazelnuts.

Works Great With Most All Nuts:

English Walnut, Almond, Domestic Soft Shell, And Paper Shell Pecan*,

Filbert, Hazelnut, Peanut, Brazil Nut, Pine Nut, Pistachio, Acorns, Chestnuts, Ginkgo Nuts,

Hard Shelled Almonds, Apricot Pits, Peach Pits & More...

Write To Us If You Have Small Very Hard Shelled Native Pecans - It May Not Work Very Well With Your Style Native Pecans.

Also For All Pecans -  It Just Cracks The Shells - If You Are Looking To Get Mostly Halves See

Also, It Will Not Crack The Very Hard Shelled Black Walnut & Macadamia Nuts.

(See Our Heavy Duty Cracker Tb50b Monofoze)

Weighs 12 Pounds  7 X 8 X 12.5" ~ Hopper For Filling The Nuts Is 7 X 7" ~ 5 Year Warranty.

Difference Between Original Tb25b And Imitations

The Original Is Smaller And Lighter Weight Metal (8lbs) And Not Unnecessarily Heavy

And Cracking Speed Is Adjusted For The Best Result... Too Fast Mechanisms Destroy Tand Damage Your Products...

The Original, It Comes With Its Base Board Which Makes It Stable... In Addition To The Base Board, You Can Install The Machine On To Any Surface By Drilling.. Don't Waste Your Money With Amateur Imitations...

The Original Is Not Unnecessarily Heavy And Easy To Move And Stable Enough To Stand On Its Own.

The Original Comes With It's Original Dc Adapter Which Works Both On 110v / 220v

The Original Comes with A Smart Adjustment Knob With An Easy To Use Heavy Duty Stainless Nut To Hold It Firmly In Place.

The Basic Will Crack About 60-70 Lbs Of Nuts In A Hour. Amateurs Think That Speed Is The Most Important... The Most Important Is To Take The Nut In Whole From The Shell... So Don't Waste Your Money With Imitations Made In Garages.

The Original Has Lifelong Warranty ~ The Imitations Offer Warranty But How Will You Reach Them Officially :)

We Ship From Uk With 3 Days Delivery To All Over The World

Walnut Cracker - Nutcracker - Corn Crusher - Pistachio Crusher - Almond Crusher - Pecan Cracker - Almond Cracker - Pistachio Cracker&more

Almond-English Walnut-soft Shell&paper Shell Pecan - Brasil Nut - Pistachio- Corn& Other Nuts In Similar Hardness 12v Dc Motor 65rpm

Cracking Capacity:40kg/hour

Works On 110-220v

Weight Is About 5 Kg

Automatic 12v Dc 65 Rpm Motor With Adapter

5 Years Warranty-lifelong Aftersale Support

Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut, Nut Cracker, English Walnut Cracker Better Than The Other Automatic Crackers On eBay!!!

It Is Used Best Quality Mechanism In The Product.

You Can Adjust The Size According To The Nut, walnut, hazelnut, English Walnut's Size...

You Can Crack And Shell Every Kind Of Nuts With This Machine.

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