How is Doner Prepared?

Lamb meat is used in most of the doner kebabs made in Turkey. Chicken meat is also often used.

How is Doner Made?

The best doner kebab is made from the truss of the leg of the veal. The arm and leg parts of sheep or lambs are also used. The important thing is to cut the meat as thin as a leaf.

To make the doner more delicious, lamb's shirt fat or thinly cut pieces of fat from the sheep's tail are placed between them.

If the doner kebab is desired to be cheaper and more economical, 1/3 minced meat is placed between the meat. This minced meat is obtained by pulling the meat that is separated from the nerves and remaining after the doner is removed. Ground beef is necessary for that it binds fat and meat together.

Leaf-thin chopped doner kebab is kept overnight in a mixture of meat, milk, oil, onion juice, salt, black pepper, and various special spices. Depending on the amount of meat, the meat is tightly placed on a suitable doner kebab by threading it.

It is cooked by turning it continuously in front of the fire. The meat surface is lubricated from time to time by the oily water accumulating on the bottom. While doner kebab is cooked on a coal fire, oily water is sprinkled on the fire from time to time so that it can flare up.

With a long and sharp meat knife, 3-4 mm thin pieces are cut from top to bottom from the cooking side of the meat. It is served either plain or with rice, vermicelli, pita bread, sautéed vegetables or greens such as salad. Pickled pepper goes well with doner.

NOTE: Chicken doner is prepared like meat doner.