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Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker

Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
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Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
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The slush machine has been produced to cool the fruit juice into small pieces of ice and serve it in businesses such as restaurants, touristic facilities, cafes, and buffets.

• It turns the juice into small pieces of ice.
• Removable hopper.
• Led chamber lighting.

• 10+10 liter shock-resistant polycarbonate bowl and cover.
• Very easy cleaning thanks to its easily removable and fitted bowl.
• Adjustable digital temperature control
• CE certified.
• 2 Years Warranty.

Product Dimensions: 400x510x830mm
Weight: 50 kg
Power: 670 Kcal
Capacity: 12+12 lt

Where to buy a slush machine?

Turcobazaar is the best place for your needs if you want to buy a slushy machine. We don't double the prices just by adding the simple slush drink flavors which can be bought anywhere in the market. Our business is not producing the flavors, we produce only the machines. You can trust Turcobazaar products.

What is a slush machine?

The slush machine first turns the water into ice crystals. Ice crystals also turn into a paste of ice after a while. Various fruit flavors are added to the resulting mixture. In this way, slush drink is obtained. The machine that prepares this mixture for you effortlessly and in the right consistency is called the "slush machine". There is a thermostat in the slush machine to adjust the temperature. Thanks to the thermostat, you can adjust the temperature at which the slush machine will keep the slush puppie slushie.

How long does the slush machine need to prepare a slush drink?

Turcobazaar slush maker needs an hour in order to make your slush puppy syrup added iced drink ready to serve. It is possible to find slush drinks everywhere today and there are many different slush flavors available.

You can feel fresh with the flavor of an iced slush drink that cools you in the hot months of summer. No one can say no to this appetizing flavor by blending the juice of organic fruits with snow and ice in summer. It is very easy to prepare the flavor of slush drink with the Turcobazaar slush puppie slushie machines.

You can operate the machine by placing fruit juice, snow and ice in the slush machine. You can prepare an icing recipe by operating the icing machine.

Slush machine Models

slush puppy machine models, in which cold drinks can be prepared practically, are offered to you at TurcoBazaar with different sizes and features. The ice slush machine, which provides advantages with their minimal designs that take up little space in your kitchen, help you to prepare extremely healthy drinks.

The ice maker and ice slush machine, which can be easily cleaned thanks to their removable accessories, offer a hygienic use. While preparing wonderful drinks like iced slushies, devices with two or three chambers allow beverages with different flavors to be stored in different chambers. If you are thinking of where the products of the leading brands of the industry, you are at the right place.

Slush machine Prices

These machine models, where you can get delicious and healthy drinks with ice and snow, are very ideal for use in industrial kitchens. For this reason, it is often preferred. The price range of the ice maker and the price range of the ice slush machine may differ depending on the technical features of the products and factors such as the brand.

You can reach the products that offer long-lasting and practical use through TurcoBazaar and you can have an affordable price by taking advantage of the online sales opportunity. All you have to do is click the buy button on the product page. You can get information at any time from the support team that provides sales and after-sales service on these devices produced by the brands recommended by the users.

Most modern commercial ice slush machines are housed in a metal cabinet due to the amount of use they receive from self-service customers, but other models store the iced beverage in a glass or plastic container attached to the top of the ice cream unit. These are generally distributed by employees and are less abused than metal models. The machine includes a compressor and a closed chill cylinder.

Slight amounts of moist sludge accumulate near the roller and the auger lifts it so that additional slurry can be made. Some machines that offer two flavors have two layers of ingredients.

The ice drink mix is ​​circulated continuously in the storage area with a circular auger or plastic mixing paddles to keep the ice mix structure at a temperature that does not allow for further freezing or melting.

A thermostat on the front or side of the unit allows the temperature to be varied for the perfect mix. Outside temperature and humidity affect the machine's performance. While fresh ice slush is recommended daily, some businesses keep the original mix for a few days and keep the machine running during off-hours.

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