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Juice Cooler

Juice Cooler
Double Slush Machine Slushie Ice Drink Maker
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Brand: TurcoBazaar
The slush machine has been produced to cool the fruit juice into small pieces of ice and serve it in businesses such as restaurants, touristic facilities, cafes, and buffets.• It turns the juice into small pieces of ice.• Removable hopper.• Led chamber lighting.• 10+10 liter shock-resistant polycarb..
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Juice Dispenser – 2 x 20 Litres | Drinks dispenser | Drinks dispenser | Dispenser | Buffet dispenser
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- Provides hygiene with its break-resistant polycarbonate chamber.- New system faucet- Electromagnetic pump / silent reducer motor- Stainless steel side and front plates- Quiet, durable, powerful compressor is used.- It provides easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to its design.- Provides cooling f..
£370.00 £539.00
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Commercial Juice Dispenser Models UK

You no longer need to think about where to buy a Chilled drink dispenser. Electric Cold drink dispenser models, which are indispensable catering equipment for Catering trailers, takeaways, and restaurants, are offered to you with Turcobazaar quality. In addition to types such as ayran cooler dispenser, lemonade cooler dispenser, sherbet soft drink dispenser, there are also products that address different needs such as slush machine, ice slush machine.

The machines, which you can safely use for many years with their stainless steel case, also provide the consumer with the opportunity to make a suitable choice with different options. You can also visually please your consumers by choosing products with a fountain system. With Turcobazaar juice cooler dispensers you can make traditional Turkish Ayran in a hygienic way.

Chilled Drink Dispenser / Electric cold drink dispenser Lemonade & Sherbet & Ayran & Watermelon Machine Prices

Turcobazaar cold drink dispensers which have the feature of cooling any chilled juice, iced tea, are widely used all over Europe. Offering digital and analog options, the products also come to the fore with their modern designs. You can get a juice cooling dispenser that suits your commercial kitchen or your garden for hot summer days.

You will be able to stay away from the noise thanks to the products with a silent motor and compressor. Turcobazaar, which aims to provide you with the safest service since its establishment, offers you the best quality products at the cheapest prices.

You will not be able to give up turcobazaar thanks to the quality online sales policy, same-day shipping option, and online support team.

Beverage Serving Equipment

Today, cold and hot equipment is encountered in almost every area such as restaurants, takeaways, bars, commercial kitchens, canteens, tea shops, coffee shops, peddler stalls, offices. This product range, which appeals to a wide audience, is constantly exhibited to offer fresh cold drinks to people.

Where can you buy the right electric cold drink dispenser? If you are asking, you can find the most affordable juice cooler dispenser at Turcobazaar.

Cold Drink dispenser Models

Cold beverage dispensers play an important role in preserving the freshness of beverages while serving beverages such as ayran, lemonade and fruit juice that your commercial establishments can use especially during the peak summer months.

Lemonade Machine Models

The lemonade machine facilitates the presentation of lemonade and juice to your customers. Thanks to the sherbet cooler dispenser, it allows you to serve a cold drink. Turcobazaar Lemonade machine has a wide variety of models with single, double, triple chambers and rectangular and round models.