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Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate

Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate
Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate
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Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate
Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate
Single Pahse 30 Cm Electric Griddle Smooth Surface Hot Plate
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14" - 30 Cm Smooth Surface Hot Plate ELECTRIC Griddle
310*570*200 Mm 
2000 W
11 KG
The Grid Plate Is Manufactured From 1st Class Materials.

Turcobazaar Products Are Commonly Used In Usa In Different Brands. If You Buy Directly From One Of Turcobazaar Online Portal, You Will Automatically Get 2 Years Warranty + 1 Year Extra Turcobazaar Warranty. This Means You Will Receive Spare Parts Free Of Charge When Needed.
Features: Satin Finished Cold-rolled Steel Plate  
Stainless Steel Base For Easy Cleaning 
Platform Style One Piece Griddle Top
Patented Wraparound 

The Grid Plate Is Manufactured From 1st Class Materials.

The Turcobazaar Electric Griddle is produced from Stainless Steel.

The Smooth Stainless Steel Material is used in the cooking area

The Turcobazaar Electric Griddles are mainly used in Catering trailers and restaurants.

Turcobazaar commercial electric griddles are always Durable, Efficient, and reliable

The Item Is Covered With Turcobazaar Warranty

We Give Lifelong Aftersale Support

How do I choose an electric griddle?

There are some factors to consider when purchasing Electric Hot Plate, Electric Cooker. You should consider these suggestions in order to buy the most suitable Electric Griddle for your Catering Trailer.

What is the best griddle for Catering Trailer?

All industrial products offered by our company have high durability. All our products are made of 304 stainless steel. Turcobazaar knows how hard you earn your money.

Turcobazaar knows it is important for the customers to use the electric griddle for a long time effectively.

The design of the catering equipment is very important especially when you buy it for a catering trailer. the griddle should have a drip tray which is very important for hygiene.

Turcobazaar Commercial Griddles are easy to clean. Due to the nature of a catering trailer, the griddle for the catering trailer should have anti-slip feet. The cooking surface is produced in good quality steel without any mixture of cheap elements.

What should be the Electric Consumption of electric griddle?

The electric consumption of an electric griddle is very important especially for the catering trailers. Turcobazaar commercial griddles are single-phase griddles that are suitable for catering trailers. If you need a quality product, you should consider Turcobazaar Electric Griddles in the first place in your list.

It Must Be Stainless Steel Commercial Griddle

The use of water in industrial areas is quite high. For this reason, industrial catering products have to be made of stainless steel. At the very least, it must show high resistance to moisture.

Our company takes great care in this regard and obtains magnificent products. All our industrial griddles are double-checked before shipment.

What is the price range for an electric griddle?

In our country, industrial products are always offered for sale at high prices. However, our company also offers Catering Trailer Equipments at affordable prices when compared with the other suppliers. Contacting us will be enough for you to see these amazing prices.

Turcobazaar Electric Griddle is produced in 304-grade stainless steel. Our electric griddles are single-phase electric griddles.

What is the best way to clean a BBQ hot plate?

Preparing, cooking, and eating meat dishes; is a beautiful and indispensable pleasure… But there is also the cleaning of the meat grills after everything is over, everyone is very eager to break this task down on each other… In this article, we will present you with the details of cleaning the meat grills. Thus, this difficult job will no longer be a nightmare for you…

How should a healthy and high-quality barbecue grill be?

As with every meal, the first rule in cooking meat is hygiene. Oil and food residues left on the grates pose a great threat for the next use. Grilles that are not regularly cleaned; can negatively affect the taste of meat and is also very dangerous for our health. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the grills well after each use and remove all food and oil wastes from the grill.

Use of Vinegar in Grill Cleaning

In order to clean the grills operating with gas or electric power, it is necessary to first cut off the connection with gas and electricity and wait for the grill to cool. After the grill cools down, you can wet it slightly and mix one tea glass of vinegar with two tea glasses of lemon juice and apply it all over the grill, you can use a spray bottle for this process. After 15 minutes of vinegar and lemon waiting on the grill, you can remove the oil and food residues with a stiff brush and wash the grill. The use of chemicals in grill cleaning is of great importance for your health.

Vinegar and lemon are also very strong cleaners and will provide you with the necessary assistance in cleaning the grill.

Cleaning coal barbecues, which are known to be difficult to clean, is also very simple. After making sure that the charcoal barbecues have also cooled down and removed from the fire, it is possible to clean them with a mixture of vinegar and lemon.

This mixture should remain in the charcoal barbecue for 20 minutes. Then, with the help of a stiff brush or spatula, you can remove the waste on the grill and rinse the grill.

In the next use, before placing any material on the clean grill, you can both prepare the grill for cooking and perform the necessary sterilization process on the grill by moving a half-cut onion over the fire. Cleaning the grids after each use also extends the service life of the grids and offers a more efficient use.

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