How to make the best doner?

Döner, which is a symbol of hospitality in Turkish society and dates back to ancient times, is praised in Evliya Celebi's Travel Book.

How to make the best Shawarma doner Kebab?

Döner, which is in every part of our lives, actually reflects the magnificence and special tastes of the Ottoman Empire.

TURCOBAZAAR, the World's Largest Doner Shawarma grill producer also running famous restaurants in Turkey, is among the best representatives of this flavor today. TurcoBazaar, which is known as the address of high-quality doner with its recipes and methods from the Ottoman Empire and at the same time reflecting the splendor of the Ottoman Empire, continues this representation by adhering to traditional methods.

Ottoman Methods for a Delicious Doner

Mehmet BILGIN, Chairman of the Executive Board of TurcoBazaar, emphasizes that the factors in the quality of the doner are that it should be cut thinly and without waiting and that this should be done when the meat loses its pinkness and states that it reaches its true taste only when cooked with oak wood. In TurcoBazaar, which uses a method inherited from the Ottomans in seasoning meat, the meat begins to be arranged after being kept in the marinade for 48 hours.

Our indispensable meal returns. So how do we know its quality? How long should it be cooked? Is only veal meat used for shawarma? Where is the meat from the animal used? How is meat seasoned? How to wait until it's lined up?

Mehmet BILGIN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saraylı Döner, who says that they use halal meat in the production of doner, lists how a good and quality doner of Saraylı Döner should be as follows:

• In order for the doner to be of good quality, it must be 100% leaf and cut thinly.

• In order for doner kebab not to be tough, it should be cut when the meat loses its pinkness.

• 75% beef leg, 20% lamb meat, 5% tail fat is used in doner.

• Our training is special to us and we marinate the meat as used in Ottoman palaces. We only use milk and dried fruit, other than that, we never use soy bouillon MSG (china powder), etc. additives.

• Our meats start to be sorted after being marinated for 48 hours in the marinade.

• Our doner kebabs are cooked only with oak wood. We also have a special doner pita with the palace, which we only have in our restaurant.

Mehmet BILGIN, Chairman of TurcoBazaar, explains the quality and service policy of Saraylı Döner as follows;

“Meat was always important in Ottoman palaces. As TurcoBazaar, we make our guests experience this importance and taste. We are doing the seasoning of the meat, which is important, with a mysterious recipe like in the Ottoman palaces. We only use milk and dried fruit. Apart from this, we do not use substances such as soy, bouillon, or MSG (Chinese Powder). Thus, as the World's Largest Shawarma machine producer and shawarma restaurant runner, we continue to represent the real taste.”

Special Tastes, VIP Lounges

There are halls suitable for meals and organizations for 600 and 400 people, with tastes unique to TurcoBazaar. TurcoBazaarr, which appeals to everyone with its 3,000-seat restaurant; takes its title from here, and your children can have a good time at TurcoBazaar Sahawarma playground while you eat your uniquely delicious doner kebab.