Shawarma Production in the World

There are more than 800 production facilities in Europe, of which 470 are in Germany. Döner was adopted in a short time in every country it went to and gained an important place for itself.

France, the Netherlands, and Belgium countries are very close to each other in terms of food culture. It hosts 70 doner factories and warehouses of manufacturers in Germany. While doner is served in pita bread, wraps, and plates, Pommes always take their place as a side dish. Almost 60 different sauces are used, not 4 types of sauces as in Germany.

Shawarma Production in Balkan countries

The center of doner production in the Balkan region in Romania. An important part of the production in Romania is on chicken shawarma. In doner presentations, the weight is in the form of rolls.

The sauce used here is the garlic sauce that we use while drinking tripe soup, which we do not prefer at all. This sauce, which the Romanians never give up, is used in doner kebab.

In other Balkan countries, the majority of those engaged in the doner business are restaurants where workers from European countries make the same things they see in Germany.

Shawarma Production in Nordic countries

Apart from their own production facilities, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which are important markets for Döner, attract significant tonnage from France, Poland and Germany. Due to the expensive nature of the meat in northern countries, doner kebabs, which are produced by adding mashed potatoes to the meat doner kebab, are not a product enjoyed by those who go from other countries but have been adopted by the people of that region.

Shawarma Production Today

Today, you have the chance to eat doner kebab even in the most remote town of the Southern hemisphere from the Siberian steppes. Although there are differences in preparation, presentation and even taste, doner kebab has become one of the greatest values ​​that represent us in the world.

And 500 million servings of doner kebab are consumed daily in the world.

The future of doner kebab, which has come to these points with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Anatolian people, is bright and its front is open.