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CO343M - Lincat Convector Manual+ Electric Counter-top Convection Oven - W 660 mm - D 740 mm - 3.0 kW

CO343M - Lincat Convector Manual+ Electric Counter-top Convection Oven - W 660 mm - D 740 mm - 3.0 kW
CO343M - Lincat Convector Manual+ Electric Counter-top Convection Oven - W 660 mm - D 740 mm - 3.0 kW
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Full Description

The perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, the Manual+ CO343M provides the simplicity of mechanical temperature control, and the cooking benefits afforded by two-speed electronic fan control.

Below you find the product specifications and technical details for our product Lincat Convector Manual+ Electric Counter-top Convection Oven - W 660 mm - D 740 mm - 3.0 kW.
Power TypeElectric
Unit TypeCounter-top
Available in UK OnlyNo
UK Warranty2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty
Export WarrantyContact your local dealer
Power and Performance
Total Power kW3.0
Temperature Range °C60 - 260
IP RatingIP23
Controls PositionRight hand side
Temperature ControlMechanical
Timer Range mins1 - 60
Oven Rating kW2.8
Key Specifications
Feet Height/Type55mm/adjustable
Continuous Plug-In Door SealYes
Removable Inner Door GlassNo
Handle TypeGrab
Vented DoorYes
Reversible DoorNo
Door TypeLeft Hinged
Number of Cooking PhasesNo
Phased CookingNo
Shelf Timer(s) (Number)No
Grill Element/ModeNo
Core Temp ProbeNo
Steam InjectionNo
Fan(s) Speed2
Fan(s) TypeBi-Directional
Number of Fan(s)1
Euronorm CompatibleNo
Sheet Pan CompatibleYes
Removeable Shelf GuidesYes
Manual ModeYes
Timer TypeMechanical
Number of Shelves included4
Number of Shelf Positions4
Type of LightingHalogen
Construction/Finish430 S/S cavity
GN CompatibleYes
Gastronorm Capacity4 x GN1/1
Shelf Spacing mm85
Sheet Pan Capacity4 x 460 x 330
Capacity Litres72
Weights and Dimensions
Unit Height (External) mm600
Unit Width (External) mm660
Unit Depth (External) mm695
Height (Internal) mm398
Width (Internal) mm330
Depth (Internal) mm550
Shelf Dimensions Width mm530
Shelf Dimensions Depth mm325
Net Weight Kg68
Supply Connections
Requires InstallationNo
Requires Electrical SupplyYes
UK 3 Pin PlugYes
Requires HardwiringNo
Electrical Supply Rating Watts3000
Single Phase Amps13
Single Phase Voltage230
USB PortNo
Packed Weight Kg74.8
Packed Height cm81.5
Packed Width cm88
Packed Depth cm100

Key Features
4 x GN1/1 capacity
2 speed bi-directional fan
Side opening door
Depth: 695mm
Width: 660mm
Capacity Litres: 72
Total Power kW: 3.0
Gastronorm Capacity: 4 x GN1/1
Selected Optional Accessories
CO300/FS - Mobile Floor Stand
CO300/LFSK - Low Floor Stand and Stacking Kit

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