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Commercial Hot Dog Steamer With Sauce Pan

200.00 (F13) by TurcoBazaar
200.00 (F13) by TurcoBazaar
200.00 (F13) by TurcoBazaar
200.00 (F13) by TurcoBazaar
Commercial Hot Dog Steamer With Sauce Pan
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Tags: commercial , hot , dog , steamer , with , sauce , pan , grills , f13

550*440*200 mm
1000 W

Ready-to-serve snacks with the hot dog warmer

Sausages and hot dogs are a favorite for hungry guests both large and small all year round. With the hot dog warmer from expondo´s.
you can make sure that your snack bar, bistro or petrol station always has hot and crisp provisions available.

Powerful and compact hot dog warmer for professional use

The sausage warmer is the perfect solution for keeping hot dogs or sausages hot and ready to serve. The temperature of the sausage warmer can be set with a control knob in a range from 30 to 90 °C and kept constant thanks to the integrated thermostat.

The 10 L container of the sausage warmer is equipped with a powerful 1,000 W heating element and quickly reaches the set temperature. Thanks to the special stainless steel insert, the sausages stay above the water level and are kept hot with steam. This prevents the flavor of the sausage from being diluted. The lid, which is divided in the middle, allows sausages to be removed quickly without unnecessarily losing too much heat. The lid can be easily removed with one hand for filling or cleaning.

Two status lights allow you to tell if the hot dog warmer is switched on and whether it has already reached the set temperature. The compact housing of the sausage warmer is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore very easy to clean.

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