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Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS

Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
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Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS
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Pizza Oven 24" 61 CM Conveyor Pizza Oven GAS

All Conveyors can be operated in two directions. This means you can use the oven on BOTH LEFT-HAND SIDE OR RIGHT-HAND SIDE. You can give the Pizzas from either side of the oven. The conveyor direction can be changed directly from the digital front panel.

It can be operated on the set in terms of its dimensions.
It provides ease of use to our customers with its microprocessor-controlled, programmable cooking system and memory feature. Our ovens provide product-oriented homogeneous cooking by destroying the cold air curtain on the product thanks to the hot air channels. Cooked pizza products are produced in the same standard and quickly.

BAND SIZE 610x1530 mm x 2

DIMENSIONS 1218x1957x570 mm

VOLT 230V 1N 50/60Hz

A / KW 3A / NG15Kw


Rapid transition between cooking pcs / hour as compared to other types of high efficiency furnaces.

* Microprocessor (PLC)-controlled programming

* Program storage, the program enables non-manual work

* Complete stainless steel body

* Low power consumption and product-focused system provides uniform cooking cooking

* LCD touch screen for easy use

* 1 min and 60 min cooking time interval

* Fast and efficient with recovery time.

* Low energy consumption.

* 2 year service guarantee.

Cooking time     Pizza Diameter

                          30 cm 36 cm 41 cm

3 Minutes / Pieces 54 41 36

3,5 Minutes / Pieces 46 35 31

4 Minutes / Pieces 41 31 27

4,5 Minutes / Pieces 36 27 24

5 Minutes / Pieces 32 25 22

5,5 Minutes / Pieces 29 22 20

6 Minutes / Pieces 27 21 18

6,5 Minutes / Pieces 25 19 17

7 Minutes / Pieces 23 18 15

7,5 Minutes / Pieces 22 16 14

8 Minutes / Pieces 20 15 13

Our conveyor pizza ovens are produced in 2 types as a gas conveyor pizza oven and an electric conveyor pizza oven. All the parts used in the pizza oven are made of stainless steel. If you want to be successful, you need a really quality conveyor pizza oven that does not overcook the pizza top and bottom. The well-sized belt can be operated on both sides so that the Turcobazaar Conveyor Pizza oven can be used as both right-hand-sided and left-hand-sided furnace pizza oven.

A conveyor oven is very similar to a standard deck pizza oven in that it allows you to quickly and easily cook large quantities of identical foods with relatively little cooking knowledge - great for busy takeaways, restaurants, canteens, or residential care homes.

Conveyor ovens, which use a belt to transport foods through a cooking cavity, cook products by blowing hot air from the top and bottom heat sources. Gas and electric versions are available in countertop and floor models. Conveyor ovens often run continuously, and operators can use them for multiple tasks in the kitchen.

Advantages of a Conveyor Oven

  • Consistency: It is generally more consistent than conventional ovens. The product is always perfectly timed so the end result is consistent each time.
  • Moisture: The product Keeps foods from drying out. Forced air cooking in impinger ovens forms a membrane around food so that it helps cook faster while retaining moisture.
  • Easy to Operate: Using a less skilled labor pool will reduce labor costs.
  • Stackable: Get more capacity in the same footprint. This makes it similar to pizza deck ovens. so that one can be used for sandwiches and the other for pizza.
  • Better Workflow: Divide a kitchen between cooked and raw foods because they are loaded from one side and unloaded from the other.
  • Versatility: Great for pizza shops and foodservice outlets that cook a lot of the same item.

Perfect for pizzas, sandwiches, and virtually everything else, our selection of conveyor ovens is a space-saving solution for any foodservice establishment.

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