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Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity

Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity
Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity
Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity
Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity
Commercial Coffee Roasting Machine 1.5 Kg Capacity
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  • Availablitiy: 3
  • Model: KBN1000M-1,5
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DIMENSIONS87 x 127 x 115
AIR (KG)155 KG
VOLTAGE110 V - 220 V - 230 V - 380 V - 415 V
FREQUENCY      50 - 60Hz
HEAT SOURCEElectricity - LPG - Natural Gas - LNG
HEATING SYSTEMThermal Transfer

  • Adjustable Drum (RPM)
    Rotation speed can be adjusted to the desired setting between 30 – 70 RPM.
  • Single & Double Wall Drum Option
  • Adjustable Flame Height It
    can be adjusted to the desired setting during the roasting process.
  • Heat Source
    Electricity – LPG – Natural gas
  • PLC Touch screen
    Allows you to save and reuse by creating the best and most unique roasting profiles.
  • Control Options
    Manual – PLC Automation System
  • Custom Production It
    is produced with every desired color, electricity value, and heat source and presented with different language options on the PLC.
  • Opportunity to Observe the Process
    Instant control thanks to the sample spoon and the observation glass
  • Bran Collector
  • Energy Saving
    Time and energy savings with simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Powerful Fan System
    High quality and fast cooling
  • Casting Drum Front Cover
  • Digital Heat Sink and Control Panel
  • Stop button to shut down the entire system in an emergency
  • Automatic shutdown of the system, sensitive to changes in gas pressure
  • A digital temperature display control
  • Step-by-step coffee roasting monitoring
  • Step-by-step tracking of coffee beans
  • Audible warning when the set temperature is reached

Best Coffee Grinder Models

In the case of any commercial establishment such as cafes and coffee shops, coffee and espresso are the most popular beverages sold. Whether you're shopping for a new coffee shop or updating your coffee shop equipment, our selection of wholesale coffee grinders is sure to help you find the best coffee grinder for your business. The coffee grinder prices of the best quality brands are listed in this category.

Commercial Coffee Grinder

Coffee Bean Grinder Machine

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right bean grinder, such as speed, ease of use, and whether it can create different grind sizes. In addition to coffee grinders, we offer a variety of other products that can be used with a commercial coffee grinder. We have a wide variety of parts and accessories including a filter coffee maker, espresso machine, filter coffee paper, and more!

Commercial Coffee Mill

Types of Electric Coffee Grinders

A commercial coffee grinder is essential for your high-volume coffee shop, cafeteria, or restaurant. Not only does it let you grind enough beans to make dozens of cups of coffee at once, but it also lets you choose the strength of the grounds, which affects the taste.

Depending on how long you grind your kernel, you can create a fine or coarse grind. For example, fine shots work best for an espresso grinder, and a medium-filter coffee grinder and coarser shots work best for a French press grinder. You can visit our website for electric coffee grinder prices.

Household Coffee Grinder Mill

Household Coffee Grinders

If you've never used a coffee grinder before, you might be surprised how much it can change your life. Household coffee grinders are different than professional products. See, most coffee grinders do one thing: they grind coffee. But they can do so much more.

Yes, your coffee grinder can of course make all kinds of food items, including spices and nuts, as well as coffee. And when it comes to our pick of the best manual coffee grinders, we think you'll find it to be a versatile little kitchen gadget that can do all sorts of things that have nothing to do with coffee (but will still do).

Coffee Grinder Prices

Every coffee shop has a unique business model, customer base, and needs. For this reason, we do not recommend the same coffee grinder to every customer. From the capacity of your business to the types of espresso machines or coffee machines you have on the counter, there are many factors that influence choosing the right coffee grinder for you.

Our Turcobazaar expert support team comes into play in these cases. And we recommend you the right coffee grinder. Contact us to learn about coffee grinder prices and to get a free consultation.

Turkish Coffee Mill / Grek Coffee Grinder / Black Coffee Grinder

The best grinders for black coffee are manual grinders or high-quality commercial grinders. It is a different concept in which very fine grinding is used. Ground coffee should be as fine as powder, and all particles should be ground to an equal size.

Even large coffee chains cannot consistently maintain the fineness of their grinds at this level. That's why they use a black coffee grinder.

When preparing black coffee, the most important factor after the roasting level is the grinding setting. It is the best grinder for black coffee with a fineness value of 50 - 100 microns. It is the most ideal choice for personal and store-type use as it is produced for grinding various spices and minerals as well as Turkish coffee / Grek coffee / Americano. We offer shop-type filter coffee grinders not only for cafes, but also for cafes, department stores, and all coffee lovers.

Manual Coffee Grinder and Hand Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinders are usually products that are used individually. It makes it easy to drink fresh and delicious coffee in your home. It grinds the coffee put in the coffee grinder by means of the knives that you turn manually.

You can find home barista coffee grinder recommendations and comments on our website. You can review all coffee grinder hand grinder models from our category in the link.

Commercial Coffee Roaster Models

The coffee roasting process causes the taste of green coffee beans to change, producing the characteristic flavor of the coffee. A coffee roaster is an industrial machine that processes coffee beans. It has a number of important functions: it removes the thin, dry husk on the outside of the kernel, and heats and dries the kernels. It changes color and taste. In addition to these few functions, a roaster may also have additional functions such as cooling, grinding, or packaging.

Coffee Bean Roasting Machine for shop

Not every machine can produce quality coffee beans. You need some professional help to do this. There may be many situations where people who cannot make the right choice in a coffee bean roaster and buy the wrong device cannot use it efficiently. You can reach us on our free consultation line through our online chat service to get help while purchasing a coffee bean roaster online that cooks the best coffee beans and produces real flavors.

Commercial coffee roaster for shop

Commercial Coffee Roaster Prices

The first determinant of delicious coffee is the coffee bean. The type of bean, the degree of roasting, and its aroma allow us to distinguish coffees from each other. They are the machines used to roast the coffee bean and give it a more perfect taste. Thanks to these machines, which increase the quality of the coffee you will sell in your business or drink at home, many coffees of various hardness and tastes are produced. You can find coffee roasting machine prices on Turcobazaar, the leading company that provides shipping all over the world, is at your service at the most affordable prices.

The Most Delicious Coffee Types

The most important ingredient of a delicious latte or Turkish coffee / Grek coffee is its bean. In order to find the coffee that suits your taste, you need to examine the coffee brands and regions. There are hundreds of types of coffee on the market. You can examine all the varieties from the link to find the most suitable one among this variety.

Coffee Bean Dispenser Models

The coffee silo models, which meet the needs of professional kitchens with different colors and features, also attract attention with their affordable prices. The coffee silo provides an ideal environment to protect coffee beans, especially at coffee sales points.

The coffee bean dispenser is also produced in different volumes. Standing out with its different designs, the coffee bean dispenser can also be used to protect products such as cookies. The cylindrical or rectangular, square coffee silo has a feature that strengthens the decoration with its stylish details. You can also find pulse silo and dragee silo in the product group.

Coffee Silo Prices

The coffee silo is offered for sale at various prices depending on the differences in models and features. The determinant in coffee silo prices is usually the volume, features, and design of the product. You can also compare the types of pulses silo or dragee silo, which have the appropriate price option for you. Coffee Silo Models

How Should I Choose My Coffee Silo?

When choosing your coffee storage silo, the decor of your shop and the volume and shape of the coffee you will store are important. You can call our free consultancy line through our online chat service to choose the most suitable one among the colorful and stylish models. The indispensable consultant of coffee shops, Coffee Silo Models

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