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Twist Bubble Waffle Maker

Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
Twist Bubble Waffle Maker
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Commercial Stick  Waffle Maker 230V Non-Stick Waffle Machine Teflon Coated Cast Surface.

Automatic Imported Thermostat.


Stainless Resistance.

Stainless Steel Case.

Ergonomic Design.

It Is Industrial Type.

Technical Information

Product Dimensions: 26*37*25 CM

Weight: 11 Kg

Power: 1200w

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Waffle Machine Models

Waffle is one of the desserts that people of all ages love to consume recently. You can prepare delicious waffle varieties with waffle maker models specially designed for your professional kitchens. You can make more than one waffle in a short time with the industrial waffle maker you prefer for a restaurant or cafe. Waffle makers are very easy and practical to use.
The prices of waffle makers vary according to their features, surface shapes, and colors. The waffle maker, which allows you to catch the same taste every time thanks to its equal heat distribution, "where is it sold?" Here is the answer. You can easily find the most suitable model for your needs and budget among the waffle machines on, where you can buy all the kitchen equipment of your businesses. It is possible to find industrial-type waffle makers in the category of Waffle Machines

Waffle Machine Prices

Strawberry, banana, chocolate or pistachio… It is now very easy to make crispy waffles with waffle makers. The features of the waffle makers you will prefer to use in your large or small businesses vary. Turcobazaar brand has machine models where you can prepare waffles in the form of flowers and sticks.
The cooking surfaces of these machines are made of durable materials such as cast iron, steel or Teflon. The waffle dough you prepared will never stick to the machine. It is quite easy to clean. You can buy waffle makers with single or double cooking compartments from with the advantages of online sales.
In cases where you will prepare waffles for large groups, you can choose waffle makers with double cooking compartments. Waffle makers offered for sale at are products that are especially recommended for professional kitchens. You can find the most suitable waffle maker prices in the market at

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