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Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity

Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity
Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity
Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity
Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity
Chicken Rotisserie 15 Chicken Capacity
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• LPG or Natural gas usage

• Faucet with safety valve

• Stainless steel body and skewer

• 2-3 radiant burner

• Hygienic and safe with pyrex glass

• Electric motor driven skewer mechanism


• Single or three-phase supply voltage

• Two-stage heating

• Stainless steel body and skewer

• Tube type resistances

• Hygienic and safe with pyrex glass

• Electric motor driven skewer mechanism


Dimensions: 103x50x65 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Motor Power: 230v / 22 Watt

Skewer Quantity: 3

Chicken Capacity: 15 pcs

Chicken Cooking Machine Models and Prices UK

Chicken dishes also have an important place in the cuisine of the world, which includes different flavors from each other. The fact that it can be prepared practically and quickly is healthy, is easier to digest compared to red meat, and has a low-fat content increases the interest in chicken dishes.

It is important to cook chicken dishes, which are frequently preferred by consumers, in a delicious way. The secret of delicious chicken dishes is hidden in the chicken cooking machine you will buy. If you are wondering where to sell quality and useful chicken cooking machine models, visit

At, you can find high-quality and comfortable chicken cooking machines, chicken frying machines, and chicken frying machine models. Thanks to the chicken rotisserie machine, you can cook delicious chickens that are cooked fried on all sides.

Chicken Rotisserie Machine Prices

If you are looking for quality chicken rotisserie machine models that allow you to cook delicious chicken dishes and befit your business, come to with online sales assurance. Chicken rotisserie machine prices and chicken cooking machine prices, which are recommended by many people, have a wide range and appeal to every budget. Chicken roasters have different sizes and capacities.

If you have a small business, you can buy a small capacity product. For larger businesses, you can choose products in large sizes and capacities. In addition, chicken rotisserie machines are divided according to the power source you prefer.

Chicken rotisserie gas models work on gas both on LPG and Natural Gas. Electric chicken rotisserie machines work on electricity. You can easily buy your favorite product suitable for your business at at prices compatible with your budget.

What should be considered when buying a chicken rotisserie oven?

Since chicken rotisserie ovens are industrial cookers that work for a long time both in restaurants and in many grocery stores, their long-term performance is very important rather than short-term performance. TurcoBazaar aims to offer you the most durable chicken rotisserie grills at the most affordable price. China parts are not used in our chicken cooking machines. Our machines are manufactured in Turkey.

Chicken rotisserie ovens are one of the most profitable machines for every restaurant. It will be a guide for you to pay attention to the following points while buying a chicken rotisserie machine.

Each part of the chicken turner must be made of stainless steel.

Cooking time does not change much in gas and electric chicken rotisserie grills, because the chicken needs to be cooked at a certain temperature in a certain time in order to cook it with the best taste and at the best consistency.

If you want to serve great rotisserie chickens to your customers, Turcobazaar is the right place for your needs. All chicken rotisserie ovens come directly from the factory as per order that is why the delivery takes 3-4 weeks in the UK.

Where to buy a chicken rotisserie oven?

No matter where you are, we send our products worldwide with our 18 years' experience. We are located in the United Kingdom, our production is in Turkey and we sell our products worldwide for many years. We usually deliver the products from production.

If you need any other cooking appliances in addition to TurcoBazaar chicken rotisserie oven for your restaurant, you can combine your order with our wide range of catering equipment. If you can not find the product you need, simply write to us about your needs, we will definitely quote your needs with our best.

We have chicken rotisserie ovens in 3 types

The chicken rotisserie oven works on gas.

The chicken rotisserie oven works on electricity.

The chicken rotisserie oven works on Charcoal.

In addition to the power source types, there are models that show differences according to the types of the ovens. Flat chicken rotisserie oven and vertical rotisserie oven. You should carefully consider your place for the chicken rotisserie oven you want to buy from us. We have chicken rotisseries in different sizes for your choice and needs.

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