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Crepe Maker Machine Professional Best Crepe Maker Catering Equipment Single Cooker 40 Cm Diameter by

233.22 (Tbkr1) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (Tbkr1) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (Tbkr1) by TurcoBazaar
233.22 (Tbkr1) by TurcoBazaar
Crepe Cooker Griddle
41*48*17 Cm
40 Cm Diameter 2500 Kcal 
Non-slip Feet For Added Stability 
Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Construction 
Non-stick Plate 16" Diameter Plate 

Cook The Perfect Crepe Every Time With This TurcoBazaar Crepe Maker Whipping Up Fresh Crepes Has Never Been Easier! Designed With Simplicity And Efficiency In Mind, This Crepe Maker's Compact Size Is Ideal For Small Prep Areas Or Food Trucks Where Space Is On Lpg Built-to Last, This Crepe Maker Includes All Of The Essential Features Necessary To Make Sweet And Savory Signature Crepes At Your Busy Restaurant Or Hotel Breakfast Bar. The Crepe Maker, Is One Of Many, New Lines Made In Turkey, Made To High Specifications This Gas Crepe Maker Is Ideal For Any Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro Etc. With This Stylish Machine You Could Easily Make Your Crepes In Front Of the House To Impress Your C, customers And Possibly Persuade Other Customers To Be Tempted To Try One Or More. the Crepe Maker Is Truly A Versatile Piece Of Equipment, Not Only Can You Make Crepes And Pancakes But You Can Also Cook A Wide Range Of Other Dishes Including Omelettes, English Muffins, Chapattis Are Just A Few. The Crepe Maker Can Be Used Anywhere From High-Class Restaurants To Snack Bars. If You Want To Widen Your Menu, The Crepe Maker Can Be Used For Every Service With Pancakes Or Hash Browns Etc. For Breakfast, Omelettes, Sweet Or Savory Pancakes Etc. For Lunch And Delicate Crepes For Evenings. The Crepe Maker Does It All.

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