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DRILL CRACKER BLACK WALNUT Cracker Filbertnut English Walnut Pistachio Pecan Cracker (TB15B) by

DRILL CRACKER BLACK WALNUT Cracker Filbertnut English Walnut Pistachio Pecan Cracker (TB15B) by
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  • Model: Tb15B
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • UPC: 742693332196
FIRST OF ALL, WE OFFER YOU LIFELONG WARRANTYFOR THIS MACHINE. YOU CAN REACH USEVEN 5 YEARS LATER IF THERE IS A PROBLEMWITH THE MACHINE!!! WE KNOW HOW HARDLY YOU EARN YOUR MONEY!! WE GUARENTEE THAT TB15B IS MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER DRILL-CRACKERS.YOU CAN FEEL THE QUALITY OF THE MATERIAL ANDTHE PAINT THE MOMENT YOU TAKE IT IN YOUR HANDS!!! YOU WILL NOT PAY ANY IMPORTING FEES. WE ARRANGETHE SHIPPING PERFECTLY. NOW WORKS WITH PECANS GREAT. WE ARE PROUD TOANNOUNCE THAT OUR MACHINE WORKS GREATON PECANS NOW. IF YOU DON'T NEED AUTOMATIC CRACKERS, THIS MODEL IS THE MOST ECHONOMICAL.. YOU CAN TURN IT INTO AN AUTOMATIC MACHINEBY MAUNTING A DRILL. YOU DON'T NEED ANY TOOL IN ORDER TO INSTALLTHE DRILL. IT TAKES JUST 2 MINUTES BY HAND YOU CAN FIND ON EBAY THESE KIND OF MACHINESNAMED"ENGLISH WALNUT CRACKER-DRILL CRACKER"AT ABOUT 599 USD. OUR PRICE&QUALITY IS THE BEST!!!IT CAN BE MAUNTED ON TO A TABLE WITH SCREWOUR MACHINE IS NOT ONLY FOR OUTDOOR. IT IS ALSOFOR INDOOR USE. STRONGEST MECHANISM CRACKS EVEN CORN.NUT FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILIY, CRACKED CORN FOR YOUR CHICKENS.IT CAN CRACKS AND BERAKS EVERYTHING YOU WANT. HARDNESS AND SIZE IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR IT.(YOU CAN TRY IT EVEN WITH STONE)- NUTCRACKER - ADJUSTABLE FROM CRACKING TO BREAKINGWalnut Cracker Hazelnut Cracker Filbert Nut Cracker -Adjustable - Hand CrankPlease feel free to contact us for any questions.STEINLESS STEEL Metal Body Nut and Walnut CrackerCapacity of upper hole : MIN 1000 grCapacity of Cracking : 8KG IN 2 MIN.Adjustable to the size of nutSilent WHAT CAN THIS MACHINE CRACK? ANY KIND OF NUTSPISTACHIOCORNENGLISH WALNUTMACAMADIABLACK WALNUTARGAN NUTS..IT IS MORE HARDER THAN BLACK WALNUTS!!!AND ANY KIND OF HARD SHELLED NUTS YOU CAN ADJUST THE SIZE WHEN CRACKING CORN.SO THATYOU TAKE CRACKED CORNS ANY SIZE YOU PREFER.IN 2 MINS YOU CAN CRACK 10 KG CORN EASILY. IF YOU THINK THATTHE MACHINE DOESN'T DO IT'S WORK,WE ACCEPT ALL RETURNS.100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.WE ARE THE PRODUCER-WE HAVE PERSONALLY TESTEDNut Crackers, Walnut Crackers, Nut, Walnut, Hazelnut Carcker, black walnut cracker, automatic nutcracker, pecan cracker machine, hand crank nutcracker, almond cracker, electric nutcracker, electric pecan cracker, Automatic Nutcracker machines, pecans, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, automatic nutcracker, black walnut cracker machine, almond cracking machine, nutcracker machine, embroidery designs nutcracker machine for sale, nutcracker machine price, nutcracker machine pdf, nutcracker machine patent, nutcracker machine youtube, nutcracker simple machine, automatic nutcracker machine, homemade nutcracker machine, diy nutcracker machine, nutcracker machine, how to make a nutcracker machine, a nutcracker is a simple machine, how to build a nutcracker machine, nutcracker drink machine, machine embroidery, nutcracker, industrial nutcracker machine, manual nut cracker machine, savage nutcracker machine, universal nut cracker machine, automatic nutcracker machine, automatic pecan nutcracker, automatic electric nutcracker, automatic nutcracker
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