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Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height

Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height
Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height
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Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height
Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height
Pizza prep fridge 1 Door Pizza Prep Refrigerator Tall Height
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Size: 100x70x133 cm (w-d-h)

Temperature: +2/+8

Capacity: 196 Liter

Power: 450 Watts

Voltage: 220-240/ 50-60 Hz

Weight: 115 kg

• Inner, outer body stainless steel Aisi 430 (Aisi 304 option).

• Environmentally friendly (CFC-free) polyurethane

insulation of 50mm thickness 37/45 kg / m³ density.

• Digitally controlled control panel

• Automatic defrost feature.

• Height adjustable stainless feet

• Adjustable polyethylene covered shelves

• Magnetic door seal which can be removed and

cleaned by the user

• Self-closing door thanks to the spring hinge.

• According to En23953, 32°C, Rh 65% and 41°C Rh 70%

suitable for working conditions.

• R134a, R404a refrigerant

• Make up GN 1/4

If you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting pizza preparation refrigerator, the Turcobazaar pizza preparation refrigerator is for you.

If you want richness in your pizza menu, turcobazaar cabinets are exactly what your kitchen needs.

The ergonomic cold compartment offers you the opportunity to store your dough, vegetables, and appetizers.

Refrigerant Gas Type: R600

TurcoBazaar pizza topping fridge with a body made of stainless steel and insulated; It is specially designed for commercial use. TurcoBazaar pizza prep counters are produced from first-class stainless chrome steel bodies.

Automatic defrost time and control of the cooling system; Electronic digital thermometer performs and displays it to you on its digital display Special Cooling System with Low Electricity Consumption Product Placement of the Device (appetizers, salads, sauce containers) Gastronome Containers are 1st class and quality, and are made of stainless chrome steel sheet.

This pizza topping refrigerator has isolation materials that have a 50 mm. thickness, providing high insulation, "ozone-friendly" polyurethane insulation, No cheap Styropor is used. The density of the polyurethane used as an insulation material is 45 kg/m3 density

Turcobazaar pizza prep fridge is Environmentally friendly (CFC-free), R-134 A/R-404 A type refrigerant gas is used in standard; It is sized to take 1/4-100 9 gastronome cups and is divided accordingly. Provided that it is notified before the first delivery; It can be delivered in containers of other dimensions (other than 1/4 gastronome container) in sizes to fit the ready-made cooling container (pool).

Turcobazaar pizza topping counter fridge working ambient temperature is according to the tropical environment (tropical, 43 degrees) Stylish and aesthetic appearance, all production in CNC computer-controlled machines * Pizza preparation cabinet, which can be used with professional gastronomes, is sold with 2 years warranty, spare parts of the pizzeria cabinet (motor, thermometer, etc. refrigerated prep counters spare parts are guaranteed to be kept in the spare parts warehouse for 10 years.

In the category of the catering equipments, You can find a wide range size of pizza counters with fridges. The products you will display to your customers by keeping them in this refrigerated salad bar; are kept in the highest storage conditions thanks to the digitally controlled control circuit and specially designed cooling system. Bacteria growth, mold, and deterioration do not occur on them, and you will achieve the highest level of hygiene and quality in the presentations you will make to your customers.

At the same time, with its effective visual presentation, it increases the number of customers and pays itself. The digital control device is very easy to use, it is comfortable to buy and serve the products in the gastronome containers in the specially designed cooling pool, the parts in its combination are meticulously selected and brought together skillfully, the hot air created by the ventilation panel on it; It is thrown out with comfortable circulation. Our pizza preparation cabinet / Salad Bar is very easy to use,

when you buy and place it; Make sure that the compressor, condenser ventilation ducts are open (not close to the wall or any other object), put it in a place where there is no heat source, leave it inactive for at least 3 hours without plugging in, then start it and it is ready to use -

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